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Jan 13, 2002 08:40 PM

369 Shanghai Cafe, Fremont

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I didn't get any responses to my post about looking for Mandarin breakfasts in the East Bay so I decided to venture to Fremont and try out 369. I've eaten at the one on Brokaw Road but this was my first time to the one on Warms Springs Blvd. The youtiao (Chinese donuts) were stacked on a counter and lukewarm. The sweet soybean milk came out piping hot and were great to dunk the donuts in. The shaobin were extra greasy and I couldn't split them open to make myself a youtiao sandwich. Green onion pancakes and million layer pancake were pretty good and less greasy than the shaobin. I like the salty rice roll (xian fan tuan) with sticky rice around youtiao, pork sung, and pickled vegetables. The small steamed dumplings (xiao long bao) were definitely a miss. Ten dumplings came in a metal steamer nice and hot. But the bottoms were soggy and sticking to the cabbage layer. There was no soup on the inside of these dumplings at all and the filling was too dense. 369 Cafe was enough to satisfy my craving but I'm still looking for a good place for Shanghai/Mandarin breakfast in the East Bay. Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. I've been to 369 many many times. Some of their dishes are very outstanding and I did not see that you tried them. The Yang Chow fried rice is the best I have tasted in Bay Area by far. And I am very picky about my fried rice. The fried rice has huge shrimps, nice mixture of eggs and perfect seasonings and cooking method. The other good thing was their smoked fish.

    Another good Shanghai restaurant in East Bay is located in Foothill Blvd but unfortunately I don't remember the name. It has good chinese doughnuts, soy bean milk, the tiny dumplings you mentioned(still has the liquid inside) and usually filled with chinese which is a good sign. It is medium sized. It is accross from a chinese buffet restaurant.

    1. Yvonne, there was a post last week mentioning that Shanghai Gourmet up by Ranch 99 has breakfast on weekends (or was that Sundays?). The menu is in Chinese only, so the poster couldn't specify other than to say that he's seen you tiao You might want to call them and find out what they offer.


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        Hi Melanie,
        Could you share with us which part of the roast pork (usually hanging) that are the best ?