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Feb 5, 2005 04:20 PM

Three cheers for the three bells for Marigold Kitchen

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We are delighted to see that Craig LeBan gives Marigold Kitchen 3 bells - and a terrific review in this Sunday's paper. We Chowhounds were enthusiasts early on!

Now if they would only put back on the menu the tomato tart, the pignole cake, and that fantastic duck entree . . . .

I guess we'll just have to make do with all the other lovely choices.

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    And a well deserved 3 bells....fabulous food for the price and definitely the *BEST* Byob in least for food.

    Now it's gonna be hard to get a table....sigh.

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      New yorkhound

      Just arrived in Philadelphia 2-weeks ago, big hound in New York. What makes this Restaurant "the best B.Y.O.B" in the city?

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      1. re: New yorkhound

        I don't think that many people would say that Marigold is THE best BYO in the city. The review said one of the best to start in years. It's my personal favorite, but that's partly because I live in the area, have fond memories of the old place, and am amazed at how good it is.

        You can find descriptions of Marigold eating experiences farther down the list, by looking at the titles. While Django has gotten some heat lately, it is probably the best BYO in the city. There are discussions of several others that arewidely loved, if you poke around the site a little.

        1. re: GregD

          The question of what is the best BYOin the city is irrelevant because it is up to personal taste. Everyone has different moods and expectations.Django is very well known and popular but in my opinion serves unseasoned prose enhanced overrated food that almost requires you to be a simpleton......really to me it's that insulting but when you have local newspaper food writers who are more interested in the romance of a restaurant than actual facts of cookery, thisis the tone that is set.
          It's all up to personal taste and expectations.

          1. re: Newgirlintown

            Two days ago you agreed that the food at Django was more or less great (forgive the summary description) . And now it serves " unseasoned prose enhanced overrated food that almost requires you to be a simpleton" .

            Do not these two opinions conflict?

            1. re: rumdrinks

              Two days ago,I did not agree that the food was great.
              What I did was exercise polite restraint in criticism of someone else's posted experience so as not to generate any more flame wars.The poster said he had a great meal, we asked that he post what he had, he did and my response was that the menu sounded good but it always does.
              As a matter of fact, my questions were to determine if it was a shill post by an affiliate of Django because of the coincise menu description,it was just too accurate to not be suspicious. I asked leading questions...."Good memory or did you take the menu home" and after an inconlusive result,I complimeted the poster and let it go.
              I never once praised the food.

              1. re: Newgirlintown

                I for one recall that I posted and questioned Dennis' remarkable ability to copy down a menu. I asked what was so "Wow" about Django

                NGIT stated- "Yes by all means...elaborate..........spill the cassoulet !"

                Dennis responded by some feeble attempt at humor by saying he did not inject enough prose in his post to satisfy me...please.

                I wrote back something that the moderators deleted.
                Without being inflammatory, my question remains, what is so great about this mid level place (DJANGO)that has people raving? I honestly miss the point and creativity factor and question the actual skill sets and execution from chef to busboy in the restaurant.
                We are all critics, anyone can regurgitate a menu. It's nice to have some dialogue about the chowishness of the food. And not just leave it at "nice menu"

                1. re: JennyL

                  Point made and taken re NGIT's real comments - in fact, having re-read as I certainly should have, I see that she did write "sounds" good.

                  I'm just a neophyte here on the board and clearly some hounds have more experience and expertise than others - maybe i'm the only one that feels that "houndier than thou" attitudes tend to make someone not want to post and if I'm alone on that , so be it.

                  1. re: rumdrinks

                    Its good for all of us if we respect each other EVEN when we disagree.
                    Its a fine line to disagree and not attack the poster but I intend to ride that line.
                    Dont be intimidated, please post.
                    If any feeble minds attack you, dont worry, we will be all over it.
                    WE do not always taste food the same.
                    I only come to the conclusion that a place is overrated after 3 trips on different levels of customer volume in the restaurant.


                    1. re: Newgirlintown

                      "If any feeble minds attack you, dont worry, we will be all over it."

                      Presonal attacks are not allowed. Post and let post. Send an email with the url of the offending post to the above address. Let us "be all over it".

                      1. re: The Chowhound Team

                        I meant "we" as a family...with our parents being the Moderators at chowhound.

                        : )

                      2. re: Newgirlintown

                        NGIT - i look forward to your posts and I have even sought you out once, without response, for a NYC question. I just think that on the Django topic - and a few others, you are getting a little preachy.

                        It's not hard, as a supporter of Django, to feel that the quote, "Django is very well known and popular but in my opinion serves unseasoned prose enhanced overrated food that almost requires you to be a simpleton", would imply that I ought to be a simpleton. If you don't like a place then that fine line you're treading might warrant some finer tuning towards other posters sensitivities. Tis all i am sayin'. And hopefully in a friendly manner.

                        1. re: rumdrinks

                          Well then I apologise. I wasnt calling you a simpleton.
                          I make all references to myself.
                          Its just that I have had lots of fabulous food that tastes like what is written on the menu. I find that not to be the case in the topic in question......
                          My original point that started this thread was that the issue of Best BYOB is pointless and a matter of personal taste.
                          Ultimately the point is that in America.....

                          75% of the country grow up eating a combination of Junk food, fast food,chain restaurant food and amatuer at best (mostly prefabricated ) home cooked food.

                          Thanks to ADM (supermarket to the world) nobody had to cook anything from scratch.

                          Comapared to that, even a mediocre restaurant is "amazing".

                    2. re: JennyL

                      I've been there and found the meal very tasty.

          2. I wish I could share your enthusiasm. My main reaction was a sinking feeling that I'd eaten my last meal there. I just cannot plan as far ahead as it's going to be necessary in future. Still, good for them.

            1. Oh god that tomato endive Tart...oh and the pignole cake...oh and the veal cheeks...
              I love the fact that Chowhounds anticipate quality before the print-world can come close. It's just like the whole deal with the blogosphere and politics. I love it!


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              1. re: ACM

                not exactly. It's just that print reviewers tend to wait a few months after a place opens before offering a formal opinion, and we're under no such restriction.

                1. re: yophila

                  I'm aware of that. It all factors in, Chowhounds track restaurants progress, e.g. Pumpkin or Marigold.

              2. It's time to reawaken this long sleeping thread. It would seem likely that Marigold will soon be re-reviewed in the Inky, as Michael Solomonov, chef at Marigold for the last few years, has recently stepped down. Former sous chef Erin O'Shea took over just after New Year and is already changing the menu to a focus on contemporary southern cooking.

                I made it to Marigold on one of Solomonov's last nights. The quality being turned out under his direction but with O'Shea leading in the kitchen would seem to bode well for the future.

                Full details on the meal, with photos, can be found at:

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                1. re: David McDuff

                  I suggest you start a new thread.
                  Many people don't look at dates and will be reading what was written three years ago.
                  Thanks for the update.