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Jan 13, 2002 08:30 PM

Yung Kee, Oakland

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I stopped at Yung Kee in downtown Oakland (corner Webster and 9th) for dinner on Friday. I had a craving for roast duck, hopped off BART, and arranged for 3 friends to meet me there. I didn't have the Chowhound recommendation for best duck from Melanie' aunties so I randomly picked Yung Kee since I haven't tried this one. We tried the $28 family dinner. First came a small plate of BBQ-duck and soy sauce chicken. It was pretty good, not spectacular, but not enough to satisfy my craving so we got another half duck and half chicken. Next came a soup of clear chicken broth with slices of beef, snow peas, carrots, and straws mushrooms. I think this was on the menu as Sliced pork soup but was definitely beef. The soup was very clear and refreshing and the beef and vegetables fresh-tasting. Salt and pepper spareribs were very spicy-more so than any other place's salt and pepper dishes. I love salt and pepper dishes but this might have been a little excessive. Very fresh pea sprouts with garlic. I ordered the same dish at Daimo (in Richmond) just last week and the comparison was fresh in my mind. It seems that Chinatown restaurants have fresher veggies because I definitely preferred Yung Kee's version. We also had a delicious clay pot dish -roast pork with catfish. There were large chunks of catfish, charsui, dried shiitakes, and fried tofu in a rich borwn goopy sauce. I loved it and it was perfect for hte cold night. The catfish was a bit bony but that's to be expected, I guess. The entire meal cost us $50 and we had enough for a dinner for 2 the next night. Service was very friendly but I had a difficult time communicating with the young waitress in English and Mandarin. Dinner here was great but I admit I'll probably eat my way through Oakland's BBQ places before returning.

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  1. Tried this place couple of times and was very disappointed. The roast duck and roast pork were not as crispy and tasty as other better places I tried.

    The noodle soup was also terrible.

    The best place that I have tried so far for roast duck, ginger chicken, soy sauce chicken and roast pork is CHINA STATION next to the LION supermarket in Milpitas. I usually ordered combo over rice in which you can have two choices of meat. It also comes with some vegetables. The portion is huge and can easily feed a man and a woman (a couple). For only $6.00 with free soup - well worth the price.

    If you are there, make sure to stop at the SHENG KEE bakery and get the breads and goodies. It's a tiny bakery. Today, I had a pizza bread and it is the best tasting bread I have had in my life.

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    1. re: Han Lukito

      I agree that the roast duck wasn't the strength of this restaurant. Not enough dark crunchy bits of skin. But I think their regular menu was pretty decent. I'll try China Station when I head down to Milpitas next.Sheng Kee is a chain that I think started on Irving Street in SF. My favorite is the pineapple bun and curry chicken pastry. :)

      1. re: Yvonne

        If I remember correctly - Sheng Kee on Irving is located on the south side of the street around 20-something Ave. Had a red bean paste bun from this place, was somewhat disappointed as the red bean paste wasn't ground finely at all and there were little whole or half beans still in the paste. Will have to verify that it was Sheng Kee.

        1. re: Limster

          It was SHeng Kee alright. I was disappointed with its red-bean buns as well. The bean paste AND the buns itself! I am still on my quest for a good red bean bun. The Japanese bakery in Japantown had nice red bean things but no buns (the old lady certainly has some attitude... :))

          The Bengali food in London was certainly a treat! I haven't seen the same variations on menus here.

          Glad to be back though!

          1. re: tingting

            Can't say much about the red-beans pastry because I avoid them - I don't really like those kinds anyways.

            The good stuff that I had success:
            -Curry (meat filling), Chicken and BBQ pork filled pastry
            -Moccha filled bread
            -Pizza bread


      2. re: Han Lukito

        Thanks for posting. I have liked the soup noodles at YK, but it's been a couple years since my last visit, so things may have changed.

        I'm very picky about my roast pork. I rarely order it to eat in, as I like to point to the whole pig and choose exactly which section I want them to cut for me. This suits for a to go order.

      3. I usually stop at Yung Kee to get either chow fun
        or crispy noodle chow mein "to go." (either bbq pork and bok choy - chow mein or chow fun or spare rib in black bean chow fun) Both are great - make sure you order it Hong Kong style with "gravy" - meaning they pour the vegetables and sauce over the noodles.