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Jan 31, 2005 06:54 PM

Recommendations for State College?

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Would appreciate recommendations for dinner in State College, PA or immediate vicinity.

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  1. The Tavern on College Avenue is a nice choice. Within walking distance of Penn State.

    How much were you looking to spend?

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    1. re: Karen

      I'll second the Tavern Recomendation.

      Depending on how long you're in the area, have lunch at Hiway Pizza and check out their crousant crust pizza.

      Also, for the only ice cream better than the famous PSU Creamery, stop at Meyer's Dairy on 322, just east of town.

      1. re: Ace Mclean

        My husband is often there on business, and he and his customer's love Spatz,on College Avenue.

      2. re: Karen
        Philly girl stuck in Lancaster

        I cannot remember the name, but there is a GREAT Korean place.

        Make sure you hit the Creamery, too!

        1. re: Philly girl stuck in Lancaster

          Seoul Garden is the name of the place. It rocks my world.

          1. re: Philly girl stuck in Lancaster

            That would be Kimchee, on Atherton. Lots of Koreans eat there. Byob.

            1. re: Crutchleys

              You do realize you're replying to an 8-yr. old thread?

              There is a more recent thread on SC eats:


              And the Tavern? Really?

        2. Zola New World Bistro is excellent


          1. I would definitely recommend Zola's New World Bistro. The food is by far the best in the area. I do not recommend the Tavern! Stuffy, overcooked entrees with your choice of mashed potatoes, mixed veggies or applesauce!

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            1. re: Alicia

              I don't understand the mystique of the Tavern. I guess is was good at one point, but I've never been impressed. I would recommend Spat's and my husband swears by The Deli.

            2. Though these two are not immediate vicinity but are less that a half hour away are: The Hummingbird Room in Spring Mills is very good, ex Bec Fin Alum, Eric Sarnow and his wife Claudia have been going strong as the best food in Centre County for 12 years We've been there at least ten times. In Bellefonte there is the Gamble Mill Restaurant (At least 5 or 6 times).
     Zola Bistro is also very good (once).


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              1. re: Mark C.

                I heard that the Hummingbird Room closed, but I could be wrong about that. We've eaten at the Gamble Mill, and I second that recommendation if you're willing to make the drive out there.

                1. re: bacchus

                  Yes, the Hummingbird room is closed- it was a nice place. But the Gamble Mill is just as good, if not better. And it's certainly a lot closer to State College, being only 15 minutes from campus, as opposed to the Hummingbird, which was almost 30.

                2. re: Mark C.

                  Hummingbird Room closed long ago.

                3. IMO the best place to eat in State College is Herwig's. It's a really small Austrian restaurant (don't think they have more than 20 seats). The food is excellent and the Herwigs are hillarious. They will make your life hell if you don't finish everything on your plate :)

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                  1. re: Claudiu

                    We had dinner at Herwig's, a very nice Austrian place, on November 17th and 18th. It's at 132 West College Avenue. They've recently moved from another location in town. No liquor license, but BYOB os OK. Food was standard Austrian / German fare, but great. Atmosphere is kind of bright and very informal.