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Jan 11, 2002 06:53 PM

Where to dine in SF area when money is no object!

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My husband's company awarded him a night on the town (basically dinner) and said money is no object. There is one catch...I'm pregnant and will no be able to enjoy raw meats/fish or soft cheeses. I was thinking about French Laundry but thought the food may not agree with my new requirements.

We would like top quality foods. Let me know what restaurants would be my best bets and why.

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  1. If money is no object, talk to whatever restaurant you choose when you make your reservation. Get the chef to create a special menu that fits your specifications.

    I loved Ron Siegels's cooking when we was at Charles Nob Hill, so I'll suggest Masa's where he's at now (caveat: I've never been to Masa's and can't offer opinions on service, ambiance etc...)

    There's been a lot of praise for Elisabeth Daniel on this board. I loved my meal there -- mom, dad and me ran the menu and it was fabulous.

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      I'll put in a plug for a rarely-mentioned restaurant here: The Dining Room at the Ritz-Carleton. The menu is structured very loosely and they seem to be very willing to work with you to get you the meal you want. They also match wines by the glass with the courses, so your hubby could still enjoy his wine, even if you can't. Finally, it's very quiet and comfortable.

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        Masa's or Gary Danko, for sure.

      2. I tried MASA (french gourmet) a year ago and it was the best tasting meal of my life by far. 2 people $300 but worth every penny.
        -The lobster bisque is awesome.
        -I had venison meat with sauteed foie gras chunks. Out of this world.
        -Desserts: just so so. Nice decoration though.

        Did not have wine but ordered a cocktail that was really good. It was lemony, sweet with sugar on the rim. Can't stop sipping that drink. Usually I don't like liquor.

        I also tried Aqua which is excellent in SF but not as good as MASA by far.

        I hope the others who have tried the other high end places will give their opinions also.

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          I second Masa's. I went there about 2 years ago and it was wonderful. The wine selection was great too.

        2. i would definitely put my vote in for the french laundry. they are always so accomodating and the food just really can't be beat for my money. the presentation, the building, the experience, i'd really encourage you to pay your dues getting a reservation and enjoy it!