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Jan 18, 2005 08:03 PM

Akron Restaurant's red velvet- recipe??

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I'm sure this topic has come up numerous times, so I apologize in advance as my search on chowhounds netted nothing. My friend is crazy about this famous cake, and I wanted to try and re-create it for her. All I know about this restaurant is that it closed a while ago, and was famous for this particular cake. According to my friend, it is the best cake on the planet. Any leads in the right direction would be appreciated.


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  1. Hi TAG-

    Would you please re-post this on Home Cooking, where recipes are discussed if you just need a good red velvet cake recipe (as opposed to a specific restaurant's version). You should get plenty of responses over there. You might also want to Google red velvet cake.


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      Actually, I am looking SPECIFICALLY for this restaurant's red velvet cake recipe. Clearly the Google and Yahoo searches have been exhausted- so seeing as this restaurant was in this region, I thought the hounds in the area may have some idea. This seems like the appropriate forum. If all I wanted was a "good" red velvet cake recipe I could find it myself, but thanks for lookin' out.

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        TAG, best way to handle this is to post to Home Cooking and post a "heads up" note here on the PA board asking people hip to Akron Restaurant to join in on the thread over there.

        That way we have best of all worlds - this board remains focused on finding delicious chow in PA (rather than digress into cake talk), and you recieve the cooking info you want on the cooking board (where other cooking enthusiasts can also benefit from and chime into the discussion).

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          Apologies to Jim L. (but she WAS being specific to Penna).

          Tokoyoastrogirl, can we assume you have PHONED the restaurant and asked them?

          Steve R.

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            This place is closed now, but it's food was way over-rated all-along, especially the red velvet cake.

            I'd think a southerner could make this better anyway.

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            Wow, I thought I was the only one in the world looking for this - was it found?

          3. re: The Chowhound Team

            It was not the cake itself, it was the icing that made the cake. I have been trying different variations but I still have not found the right one.

            1. re: The Chowhound Team

              It was not the cake itself, it was the icing that made the cake. I have been trying different variations but I still have not found the right one.

            2. I have to agree with this post. I had the priviledge of growing up eating this cake all my childhood from Akron restaurant which was owned by the Lewis Family. I know for a fact it was unique because I was able to work at that restaurant during my high school years and as a younge adult. Unfortunately last time I spoke to James Lewis there was no plans to publish this family recipe. It is a great shame since it was the perfect blend of icing and cake.

              Ps. Even my mother who is from the south, agrees there is nothing better than this particular recipe and it can not be improved.

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                Well, I know my mother and grandmother have always used an interesting icing on their Red Devil's Food / Red Velvet cakes that starts with cooking flour and milk together till they thicken, letting them cool, adding vanilla and then beating the flour and milk mixture into a whipped fat and granulated sugar mixture. It sounds weird but is extremely delectable. I've done a quick google search and was able to find a recipe for it at Tasty Kitchen. I suggest giving it a shot.


              2. This is so true. I wold love to find get recipe as well. We often went to the Akron Restaurant and I always got this cake. Nothing like it anywhere.

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                1. re: DENVER68

                  Agreed, when traveling to Lancaster county to visit friends my parent would stop at the old Akron Restaurant in the town. We loved the RVC. In subsequent years I had live in the south (NC) and tried various RVC . Good but not up to the standard set in Akron. Interestingly the credit for the RVC is most often given to the Waldorf Astoria in NYC. That was then published as revenge for a charge to a guest for the recipe. Is the Waldorf in south NYC???

                  1. re: Bacchus101

                    I've been thinking and I believe the icing seemed to have marshmallow in it. I looked on the internet and there are several icing recipes that have marshmallow in them. I would love to be able to make this cake.

                    1. re: DENVER68

                      There is no marshmallow in the icing!

                2. I recently was given the recipe....and I checked the Waldorf Astoria versions on the internet and while the ingredients listed are similar, there are differences. Since I had a piece on Saturday that was made from this recipe, I can attest, it IS the one! I lived within walking distance of the Akron Restaurant growing up and worked there for 9 months as a hostess when I was in high school. Their version is the reason I love red velvet cake, but have not enjoyed anything even close since the restaurant closed. When my daughter tasted it with me Saturday, she finally understood why I like it so much! I plan on making it today. If the results are as good as I remember, I'll be in touch!

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                    She's been waiting for this recipe since 2005. Don't tease her (and us), post it already!