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Jan 10, 2002 06:56 PM

Valentine's Dinner in South Bay?

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My dad is hopelessly non-romantic and every year, my mom complains that he's never done anything special for Valentine's Day in their 20-odd year marriage. So this year, I decided to at least make dinner reservations for him and help him plan. Now that I've moved away, the only places I know about in the South Bay are places they take me. Problem is, when my parents eat out, they only do so at Asian restaurants or chains (Chevy's, Elephant Bar, etc.) - not very romantic. Any suggestions from fellow Chowhound's? Since they don't eat out at non-Asian places much, I'm looking for someplace where the menu isn't too foreign to them. Food is definitely important, but atmosphere and friendly service might be even more so for this occasion. I'm considering Bella Mia in downtown San Jose - any thoughts on that? Thanks in advance!


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  1. How about Chez TJ in Mountain View -- reservations are pretty easy, food is good (and well-described on their web site so you can decide if they serve something acceptable to your parents), and the setting is romantic (a Victorian house quietly situated near downtown Mountain View).



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      I checked out the website and it looks good! I'm confused about their menu though. It looks like 3 set menus are available for the month of January. Is this just an example or do they really serve the same courses every day for the month?

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        If I had to guess, they probably serve the same courses for the month. I haven't visited twice in one month to confirm this, however, but I have visited in adjacent months and the menus were different (well, the desserts don't vary as much as the entrees and appetizers).