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Dec 29, 2004 02:39 PM

Thai in Conshy

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Anybody know anything about the new Thai place in Conshohocken? We live in Montco, love Thai food and always go to Silk Cuisine in Bryn Mawr. Disappointed in Thai Orchid in Blue Bell...has gone downhill since it opened. Always looking for the next best Thai place with great Pad Thai and curries. Is this it?

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  1. Very basic cuisine - pad thai, curry, spicy basil, coconut soup. There are a couple of americanized dishes as well - steak, lamb. The food is passable, inexpensive and spicy, upon request.

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      Jersey City Mods

      I was very excited when the Thai place opened up. However, I don't know if the food suffered from my not eating in (you know how the food gets kinda steamed), but I thought the pad thai to be a bit on the sweet side. (I'm definitely not a fan of sugary sauces or fruit with savory food). However, I have heard the duck is good there. I was also wondering how their soups were if anyone had tried them.

    2. I have been to Katiem Thai Restaurant many times and have done both take out and eat in. The owner is incredibly obliging- no doubt due to financial desperation...

      No decor whatsover, and clean.

      I have ordered several dishes, but most often the pad thai. Served in large portions, the noodles are on the sweeter side - and only get sweeter after steaming in a take out box. I prefer a more tangy dish, loaded with lime juice. They only offer one form of curry- I believe it was green. Nonetheless, everything is fairly priced. One of my friends ordered a coconut soup that was loaded with mushrooms - she seemed to enjoy it.

      If you live in the area, I wouldn't miss it. It's the best I've found in it's price range in the area.

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        i moved to the area less than two months ago, and i've only been to katiem thai a few times. it's passable if you live less than a mile from it. no ambience whatsoever; i recommend getting takeout (hm, think they'd pick up financially if they offered delivery?). there was nothing on the skimpy menu that looked particularly interesting but the owner is more than willing to make anything you desire. long story short, it's okay but not what i'm looking for. the place opened doors here about 6 months ago, moving from a place in ardmore. they may need a few months to get some grease on the grill. :)

        so far i've been there, and also to thai orchid, lemon grass, a place in newtown square and a place right off south street in the city (a couple blocks from the end of the street). wish i could remember the name of that one, because it was fantastic and worth the trip!

      2. Siam in Lambertville, NJ (across the Delaware River from New Hope)

        1. Nadia Thai at Lansdale station is exceptional. Great duck, fish, vege curries (esp Jungle Queen). Nominally French-Thai; actually LaoThai.
          I forgive their discontinuing the best-of-Montco soup. We are there most every Sat/Sun nite. Casual.

          1. My favorite is Sabai Thai in Newtown Square on Route 3. It looks a little scary from the outside. My husbank had to drag me in the first time we went but it is the best Thai around. The service is friendly and the food is excellent. Try the massaman curry dish.