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Jan 10, 2002 12:52 AM

Great Broccoli Beef . . .

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. . . isn’t what most of us read the Chowhound boards so eagerly to find. But the version here was so extra good, I had to say something. This was another example of how selecting the set family meal (from the Chinese menu) can bring dishes to your attention that you’d never think of ordering on an a la carte basis. I can’t even remember the last time I had broccoli beef in a restaurant. Everyone in my family sitting around the table commented on how great it was.

The broccoli florets were sparkling fresh, cooked to tenderness, yet still retaining their sweetness, brilliant green coloring, and some resistance to the bite. The beef cubes were nicely seared with wok flavor, tender, marinated in complex spices, and medium-rare pink inside. The sauce had a faint taste of oyster sauce and other nuances. Perfect execution.

The whole menu for our meal included:

Crispy-fried fish filet with scallions and fresh chilis
Salt & pepper squid
Double Maine lobster and Dungeness crab sauteed with ginger and scallions
Steamed pork hash with salted fish
Black winter mushrooms with hearts of fresh mustard greens
Beef cubes with broccoli
Scallops with Chinese okra and celery
Peking-style spareribs
Seafood soup
Crispy-skinned chicken
Steamed rice, 7-up and cider
$150 for 8 people, including tax and tip

Everything was tasty and above average except for the chicken which tasted reheated. The scallops and the beef dishes were our favorites. Also wonderful were the soothingly and softly tender mustard greens. The okra and the celery in the scallop dish were perfectly cooked too; this kitchen is at one with vegetables.

Prices are a notch lower than Great Eastern or R&G Lounge and the serving size is larger. The kitchen is not quite as refined as either of those, but certainly represents value for the money and made a nice change of pace.

Little Garden Seafood Restaurant
750 Vallejo St.
San Francisco
Next to police station, convenient parking in City lot


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  1. While my days of planning banquets are over, as a matter of academic interest, does the fact that 7-up and cider were included suggest that they follow the custom of letting you bring your own booze and wine, thereby saving a bundle?? How set is the menu...any choices??

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    1. re: Jim H.

      Since we bought a couple of Tsing Taos, they do have at least a wine & beer license. A lot of places put the soft drinks and bottled water on the table now if you have a large party and hope you'll buy them.

      This was with my parents so they took care of ordering. I didn't even really look at the menu. I screwed up by not calling a day ahead to order the chicken stuffed with sticky rice. I tried to order it the same day at 11:00am, and they said "no". Maybe they do a big lunch business and didn't have time.

      There are a number of "wo choy" set menus in Chinese at different prices based on the number of people they'll feed. I think my parents picked the one for either 6 or 8 people and added the calamari and the pork hash dishes.

      Here's a link to my previous post on how to approach the wo choy menu.


    2. Do you think they'd be good for lunch? I'd love to stop in today and try a few things...

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      1. re: dixieday

        Sorry to have missed lunchtime, was running around most of the day. I've only had dinner here, think this was the third time or so I've eaten here.

        Anything to report?