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Jan 9, 2002 09:16 PM

Welcome recognition for Chowhound--Saveur Magazine

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My kid brother advised me, and I pass it on: Check out the latest issue of "Saveur", which highlights Saveur's 100 favorite things. Page 81, Item 86. I tried to find a link to Saveur, but only came up with subscription information. (Personally, I think that Saveur is one of the 2 best food magazines I've ever read, and it is the only one to which I subscribe. Their mentioning Chowhound confirms my good opinion of them, though I certainly would have rated Chowhound in the top 10!)

I hope I'm not infringing any copyright rules, but for those of you who want to know what Saveur said, I quote:


"Ever get a craving for shawarma, kimchi, or Tibetan yak cheese? Will you just keel over without some deep-fried tofu or venison pate? Check out the website CHOWHOUND (, and your fellow fressers will supply all the information, opinions, and suggestions on these and other subjects that you could ever imagine--and then some--on their various message boards. Need to know the best Peruvian restaurant in Phoenix? Where you can get authentic haloumi cheese in Los Angeles? Chicken-fried steak in Chicago? Does anyone else love spaghetti with ketchup? And just how good is Alain Ducasse? At Chowhound, you'll never be alone with your food obsessions again."

I hope this bit of favorable publicity will help Chowhound grow and thrive, as we all know it heartily deserves!


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    Vanessa On The Town

    There was also a mention of Chowhound in the latest issue of Travel & Leisure!

    1. Thanks for noticing and for wanting to spread the word! But please note that this sort of notice belongs on our Site Talk board, where we discuss site business, press reports, etc (in fact, the Saveur write-up was already mentioned over there). We try to keep this regional board as chowcentric as possible!

      As far as copyright...when in doubt, we'd prefer you didn't post long stuff. We quoted at this same length, ourselves, on the page below, because we're hoping it's (barely!) under the line of "fair use".

      Those interested can see our press page at link below for ALL our press.