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Dec 6, 2004 03:22 AM

Beef on weck in Philly

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I've got a craving for a good Buffalo-style beef on weck. Any ideas where I can find one in the Philly area?

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  1. I don't know if you'll be able to find beef on weck here, but--Ye Olde Ale House in Lafayette Hill has some very tasty, craveable, juicy, juicy roast beef sandwiches. They are small and unadorned sandwiches, just beef, sliced thin by a guy standing in the middle of the room (I believe that's all he does all day), on rolls. Most guys I saw eating there had at least two of them.

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      I'll second that. It isn't on weck, but it is very tasty indeed.

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        Doesn't come on weck, but the beef there is very good. The people I know actually call this place just "The Beef".

        I always ask for the sandwich wet and order a cup of gravy on the side to dip both the sandwich and the fries. Horseradish and sliced cherry peppers are on the table. They also have some good draft birch beer. If I get fries, I find one sandwich to be plenty.

      2. Nick's, at 20th & Jackson in South Philly, is justifiably famous for roast beef sandwiches, but you won't find any beef on wick there or anywhere else in the Delaware Valley that I am aware of.

        1. Local 44 has a fantastic beef on weck. It's served with jus and knocks it out of the park.

          They've done a significant upgrade of their menu. It's darn good for pub grub.

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            You will also find beef on Weck on the menu at the Whip Tavern in Coatesville.

          2. They also have it on the menu at The Ugly American on Front St just south of Washington - I haven't been there in ages though.

            1. I feel your pain -- I moved away 20+ years ago, and sometimes you just need a fix. I haven't tried any of those mentioned here, if you do, please report back.

              I have, however, been able to special order weck rolls from Wegmans. I think when they first opened down here in Downingtown, they actually carried them for a blink, but I guess there weren't enough of us.