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Dec 2, 2004 12:52 AM

Give me your BEST Cheesesteak joint in PHILLY and WHY

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I'll be travelling to Philly this weekend attending the Army/Navy game. Please tell what cheesteak place you would recommend and provide some reasons why.

I am aware of the usual suspects and I'm assuming the following will be discussed:

Tony Luke's

I'm looking for a convincing argument from a a fellow foodie to sway me into Cheesesteak nirvana.

THanks in advance. I cant wait.

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    Mr Myers your timing is perfect but be prepared to wait in line.
    The best cheesesteaks in philly are at Johns Roast Pork at Weccecoe and Snyder Ave in SouthPhilly behind IKEA..across the street from the parking lot at Target.
    It's not even on your list, referring to your post, there is nothing to discuss about the places mentioned,Johns is far superior.
    1.Good Meaty Flavor.They slice thier own meat.
    2.Crusty Roll
    3.They make no more that 3 at a time so the plancha is always hot and the meat cooks quickly and stays super juicy (very important).

    Any variation you get will be delicious.
    My personal fave.....with fried onions,bacon and Sharp provolone and make sure you get some hot peppers on the side, tiny bit of rocks!!
    Not just the best cheesesteak but the best sandwich in philly period.

    Sadly they have never been open on weekends but as your luck will have of this saturday dec 4th...they start serving on saturdays.
    It's about 10mins from the Lincoln Financial Field.

    Dont be a little girl and try to take it anywhere, as soon as you are handed that sandwich, it is imperative to unwrap it and eat it ASAP or you are missing the whole point.

    Good luck.
    Expect tospend about 8 dollars.

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      My favorite is at La Pizzeria, on South Street. Their meat is thin, tender, juicy (not greasy), no grisle. The provolone is melted in the layers, so that it becomes one with the meat. The meat and cheese is in harmonious proportion to the shiny, crusty-but-soft-in-the-inside roll (Amoroso's of course)--not overly stuffed, but not skimpy by any means. I get it w/o, because more flavor is just not necessary.

    2. Here's the problem with your question...there is no definitive answer because it simply depends on your tastes. We can give you the best of the best in all aspects (you have most of them listed), but it is tough to give you a single choice without knowing your preference. Do you like mor meat than roll, more roll than meat, an equal balance....what kind of cheese to you want....are you going to add things other than fried onions like mushrooms, peppers, or dare I say ambience of any value (of course cheesesteak ambience is far different than any other ambience)....

      Here is my opinion (or what I would do if I were in Philly for one day and hade cheesesteaks on my mind) the morning of the game, head to D'Allesandros. Pickup one with mushroom and swiss. Take time to relax and eat it there. Head to Tony Lukes on the way to the game (not the center city one, but the original). Grab a steak with provolone there (or if you are feeling a bit risque, get a roast pork italiano, or get both and take them to the game). Tell them that you are going to the game and they will wrap it right for you. During the game, drink heavily. After the game, head to Pat's and Geno's with the millions of others. Get one steak from each place...wiz with. Party in the streets like its 1999. As you come out of your drunken stupor, head to south street and pick up a steak from Jim's. Walk around and have a good old time looking at all the messed up stuff. Head over to Old City and hit it up with the ladies (or men, whatever your preference). At 1:50 am (not any later or you will have to wait in a ridiculous line) walk out of the party and head to Sonny's and get a steak american with jersey style (the cheese gets mixed throughout before being placed on the roll). You shouldn't have to eat for an entire week after that, but you will be fully satisfied.

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      1. re: Hojo

        That is the BEST description of Philly cheesesteak joints I have ever seen! Thank you.

        1. re: Susan H

          Makes me think back to the days of my youth at Penn! I'm drooling!

        2. re: Hojo

          I DID THAT! My brother and his girlfriend were in from Portland and she had never had a cheesesteak. (gasp!) We first hit South Street. Ishkabibbles was a dissapointment. Roll had no bite and the meat was limp. We then went to Jims. Also sad. The meat seemed steamed. After that we hit Ginos and then Pats. This was within 1 hour and we split the cheesesteaks three ways. It gave us enough to taste, but not so much that we couldn't eat more.

          Out of those four, we voted for Ginos. The roll was so good. A combination of chewy/crusty and the meat was very flavorful. We all would have liked the onions a bit more caramelized though.

          I highly recommend doing a best of tasting. You take a local speciality, or just a particular dish, and sample tons of them. I also did it in Charleston with She crab soup and it was great.

        3. I will put in my usual vote for Steve's Prince of Steaks. Steve's has the somewhat thicker sliced steak and the longer, crispier rolls. When I'm in Philly (from D.C.) I always go up to Steve's (it's on Bustleton, south of Cottman near a pretty big mall the name I never remember) in north-east Philly.

          I also always get one from Pat's and if you go there, the long lines at both Pat's and Geno's will move quickly.

          I'm pleased to read John's is open on Saturday's soon, as I've only been once in my life and had the highly touted (rightly so) roast pork. If you go to John's as well (you should hit several places) you'd do well to sneak in a roast pork (w/ sharp provelone & rabe) into your cheesesteak-a-rama.

          Go Navy, Beat Army! (or vice versa)




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            Paulie From South Philly

            There is no debate and the irony is that it is not on your list. I have eaten cheese steaks just about everywhere and the only one that comes close to the best is Chinks. Jim's is for tourists. The only with the absolute best roll is Johns Roast Pork. The most important thing is to order it and then eat it right away. It's on Snyder near Front.
            Dont let anyone else fool you. There is no other best.

            1. I've tried to put in the link to Craig LaBan's piece on the "Cheesesteak Project" from the Inquirer, below. It has a pretty comprehensive (and amusing) survey of cheesesteaks.