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Jan 9, 2002 10:50 AM

Odd night at Blue Plate

  • j

Had dinner at Blue Plate Saturday night. Pretty good appetizers, disappointing entree's. Angie's porkchop was dry, my fish was uninspiring.

But what was really weird was the atmosphere. Lights too low in the "main" dining room made it hard to see your food. Had the feeling that the room was so dirty that they purposely kept the lights low. In the small back room there was one of those tall, upright outdoors kerosene heaters burning away a few inches from the ceiling to keep the room warm. I wonder what the SFFD would have to say about that. And finally, the big group in the back room was smoking pot at their table, much to the surprise of the other restaurant goers.

Just weird. Anyone else experienced similar?

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  1. I didn't experience any of those problems. I thought the food was really good and I liked the laid back "funky" (funky - not dirty) feel. I didn't eat in the back room with the heating lamps, but thought it looked like it would be fun.

    1. My girlfriend and I ate at Blue Plate for the first time Friday night. It was our first time, and we weren't terribly hungry; we had the grilled mahi-mahi, steak, and a side of brussel sprouts.

      Can't comment on the lighting, since I hadn't been there before, but overall I thought it was a cute place, slightly pricey. Didn't smell any pot. My one comment was that the focaccia served at the table and the brussel sprouts were both quite salty. They were still excellent, though.