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Jan 8, 2002 05:20 PM

Pass it all the time-Wonder if it's any good??

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Ever pass by a place on a regular basis and wonder what it's like? I know we all do this frequently and it started me to thinking, what places collectively have you wondered about? The one that got me thinking about this topic is called Vicino. It's on the way up the hill out of Sausalito, on the right if you are headed southbound back into the city.

I notice it all the time when I take this backdoor route in an attempt to do an end run around the Waldo Tunnel. Looks like a contemporary trattoria. Any word on it and more importantly, what places have you seen lately that pique your interest??

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  1. Don't know about Vicino but I have been wondering about Angor Wat and Le Bergerie, both on Geary near 5th. They both seem to have positive newspaper reviews hanging on their doors from the late 1980's.

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    1. re: Mike Wenzel

      Both Angor Wat and La Bergerie are interesting places. I've been to the former once and to the latter several times. Angor Wat is beautifully decorated, has good food and tables are low so you sit on the floor. La Bergerie has very traditional French prix fixe meals at low prices. When you walk in you feel like it's the 1960's and the waiters may have been there since then. :-)

      1. re: Wendy-san

        one of the restaurants around there is the one that says "we served the pope in 1987" or something like that. it always cracks me up. must be true (in some capacity) because it seems like very very bad karma to lie about that.

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          The impression I got from walking by Le Bergerie was that they were stuck in the 60's. Don't know if that is a good or bad thing.

          I assume if you have been there several times you would recommend it???

      2. I pass by a place all the time and constantly wonder about it. it is called Terra Brazilis on Hayes and Laguna and i always wonder how it is. Anyone been lately?

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        1. re: Rachel G.

          Hah, I pass by that place too and always wonder what it's all about. On a number of occasions I've meant to stop in and have dinner, but I have yet to do so. I hope somebody who has will respond.
          Thanks for reminding me! - Nancy
          P.S. If you are ever in Santa Cruz and want a great Brazilian breakfast go to Cafe Brazil on Mission St.!

          1. re: Rachel G.

            Have eaten at Terra Brazilis a few times. The food is good - rather simple, but fresh ingredients and interesting preparations. The appetizers really are the highlight, as with many other Latin-American restaurants in the city - both hot and cold apps shine.

            Desserts, too, are quite capable. Pot de creme was good, flan was a bit too "eggy" for my taste, but a fruit cobbler they had last time we had was stellar - and I'm not a fruit-dessert lover.

            I just checked their menu online, and it looks like they might actually have changed their menu up a bit from when I was there last - they seem to have acknowledged their "sweet spot" and so have increased their appetizer offerings.

            They have a good wine list, and are really quite nice about corkage, if you share a glass... Oh, and they carry a delightful white port, traditionally served as an aperitif - it's rare to find this stateside... YUM!

            One point of contention is the cavernous space which just about makes it impossible to have a conversation without yelling, but as long as you know that going in, you should be fine. Service is OK, but can be spotty - they definitely suffer from "beautiful people" syndrome. But maybe that's changed since the "bust".

            Oh, and one other thing - they seem to do big parties really well. Every time I've been there, there's been at least one party of 8+, and on one occassion, they had at least 16 people at one seating... and our service wasn't worse for the wear.

          2. As a chowhound, it's your duty to try it out and tell us!

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              Hunger Strike

              I've met the new owner of Vicino and have eaten there. A nice guy from Bergamo. Wants Vicino to be a high quality neighborhood trattoria. I think he's achieved it. Very authentic. Not a tourist trap masquerading as real Italian.

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                Randy Salenfriend

                Thanks for the tip. I'll stop in next time and let you know what I think.