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Nov 13, 2004 10:33 PM

Need help with the great cannoli place in South Philly

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I walked by this place about 3 years ago while making my way from Geno's to Center City so I think it's on 10th Street, and it's before Washington. It's a small Mom & Pop shop (literally) where an elderly couple make the best cannoli I've ever had to order - it takes forever, but it's worth it. They have a small kitchen in the back where they make the cannoli shells. The owners appear to be in their 70s or older, so I hope they're still around. I'll be in Philly on business all next week and I'll find time to stop in if they are still around.

I'm from NYC and there is no place like that here - it's in a class by itself, so I know plenty of you guys must know about it. Thanks!

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  1. You must mean Isgro's at 10th and Christian Sts. They make the best cannoli's in Philly and probably anywhere else for that matter.

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    1. re: schpsychman

      I have to agree with Isgro's. I grew up in S.Philly and they win hands down.

    2. Hi,

      You're thinking of DeSanka Cafe, which *was* on
      South 9th street just above Federal. Sadly,
      this closed sometime in late 2003 or early 2004.
      I believe the owners have retired.

      You're right, these were the absolute best cannoli IMHO. However, you should take the other poster's suggestion and try Isgros which are excellent as well.


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        Besides the truly amazing chocolate cannoli (which was small and filled with a breathtaking ganache) they also had a menu of three sandwiches: a frittata, a mozzarella & tomato and a sausage/peeper combo. Everytime I pass by I am the nicest sweetest couple to talk to...deep sigh.

      2. I think you are referring to Ianelli's Bakery, which is on Passyunk Ave beyond Geno's Steaks.