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Jan 8, 2002 11:34 AM

Ramekins Cooking School in Sonoma?

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Would like to get feedback from former students at this Somona cooking school.

I've taken a few classes at Home Chef and found them a mixed bag. Compared to Home Chef, Ramekins has a more interesting lineup of subjects and teachers, and the prices seem about the same.

Taking cooking classes can become an expensive hobby, so I need to be selective and would like recommendations and comments. Thanks.

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  1. i took a kitchen design class up there that was a real let down. but that was because of the teacher and his haughty attitude towards the class. the facility is really beautiful, much nicer than home chef.
    and it's easy to find with a large parking lot in the back. i, too, think they offer much more interesting classes than most of the other schools in the area and i get catalogs to all of them. i'd say if there's a class that sounds good to you check it out, it's a beautiful drive if nothing else!

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      I took an "appetizer party" class there in December, and it was just O.K. I also found the instructors to be a bit off-putting (they didn't provide much help, and instead had lots of "helpers" who had limited knowledge). And although there were many appetizers that were made (about 7), each student only got to work on one. I didn't learn much, but the buffet afterword was good. I will probably look elsewhere in the future.

    2. My husband, daughter and I are all taking a sausage making class (actually, they call it a "party") from Bruce Aidells there next month (February 8.) I understand that we'll each get to take some of the sausage that we make home with us! I'll report back after this class.


      1. I haven't taken the class, but I've stayed there. It was very LOUD!! They ended up moving us to their 'sister' hotel, which was nice.