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Jan 8, 2002 01:34 AM

New place on 9th Ave at Irving - anyone eaten there?

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What used to Golden Gate Brewery on 9th Ave is now reincarnated as another restaurant (I didn't check the name) with the requisite restaurant burger and fries. Plenty of bar foods on the menu. (Wondering if they brew too - I'm guessing that they do but didn't remember seeing a beer list.) Nothing super eye catchingon the menu - most of it looks like fairly safe simple cooking - not ambitious, but could be good. Prices reflect the nabe a bit and don't seem too horrendous - entrees around the mid-teens I believe.

I've only looked at their menu on the door last week when the windows were still covered with newpaper. They're open now but I'm waiting another week or two before giving them a whirl. Just out of curiosity, anyone eaten there?

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  1. haven't been there yet, but was excited to initially see the menu, as i was hoping that it would fill a void i sometimes feel about ninth and irving: no good burgers or grill/"bar food"

    (which, in writing this, i am realizing what a spoiled brat this city has turned me into - the ninth and irving area is a great find of different restaurants, and yet i sometimes crave, well, grease!)

    will let you know if/when i get there.

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      It's called Eldos--they're actually not open yet, but look like they should be ready in a week or two. The menu I saw had all the usual brewpub stuff, plus some Latin American flavors.

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        "Eldo's will be opening the first week of January, 2002. The former Golden Gate Park Brewery will be open as an American style restaurant with a bit of a Southewestern twist to things.
        Look for a good selection of pub food on the menu as well as some very good main courses.

        The brewery will be operational by mid 2002."


      1. I received a coupon for Eldos in my Valpak announcing the opening (coming soon) and free appetizer with any dinner entree and also with any lunch entree. Check your Valpak and do some chowing for free!