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Jan 7, 2002 06:27 PM

Sunday Brunch in the City

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Looking for a Sunday brunch spot for a mom-in-law's 75th birthday celebration. BTW she is a native SFer; now living in Sonoma County & her longtime friends live in SF and Sonoma Counties. Thinking about the Garden Court brunch. Would also like to hear your inputs. We'll be flying in for the weekend.

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  1. I'm a big fan of Absinthe for dinner and brunch. It's in Hayes Valley, on the corner of Hayes and Gough. One of my favorite places (enough, in fact, to blow $300 on NYE dinner), it styles itself as a "brasserie".

    For brunch, they serve a lot of your "standard fare", but with a little twist to make it special. A few of my favorite dishes there are the Croque Monsieur (wonderful rendition of this ham and swiss sandwich with chutney); pear & fennel salad (I don't usually care for fennel, but theirs is mild, crisp and just plain delicious); polenta "pancakes" (served with real maple syrup, mascarpone and walnuts... mmmm!)

    Anyway... link is below... you might also enjoy this place for dinner if you don't make it for brunch!


    1. Is this Garden Court at the Sheraton Palace on Market Street? If so, then I would advise giving it a miss. My family and I had brunch there a few months ago, hopeful that it would live up to our recollections from 20 years ago, and we were sorely disappointed. The food was trite, and the mass-production aspects of most buffets were painfully obvious, especially in the desserts. Some things are best left as fond memories.

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        The Garden Court is at the Palace Hotel on Montgomery St. Their crab salad was featured recently on a southern california tv travel segment and thought it would appeal to a septuagenarian lady whose birthday we are honoring.

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          You are both talking about the same place. The Sheraton Palace is at Montgomery and Market. I haven't been to the buffet but the non buffet food is very good(the biscuits are the best), and the room is very nice and your mother-in-law would probably enjoy it very much.
          As someone already noted, Postrio does have excellent breakfasts.

      2. There are few places in the city that comes to mind for breakfast and brunch. Greens in Fort Mason serves a great vegetarian brunch, and if you are lucky a great view.
        I've liked XYZ's brunch, good food, although in the daylight the trendy decors is a bit off.
        I also like Moose's in the North Beach. They always do a very consistent job. Usually the complimentary breakfast baked goods are my highlight. I'm a big carb fan.

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          michael (mea culpa)

          How about Postrio?

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            Bauer gave a major downhill alert for Postrio in today's Chron.

            You can take issue with Bauer on many subjects, but the problems described in the review don't sound like personal quibbles.


            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              Come on...complaining about only one grill mark on his calamari? Sounds more like a personal vendetta. What if they cleaned the grill that day, huh? It wouldn't be so bad if Bauer were a culinary curmudgeon, like some famous critics. He give raves to the most mediocre places, and then trashes a place so popular the public has to stand in line. One of my examples is Alfy's in San Anselmo...raves from Bauer, now belly-up. You can fool all of the people...

          2. You will get mixed reports on the food at the Garden Court at the Palace, but the ambiance is breathtaking for older people. Frankly, there are times when the total event is more important than the food. I haven't eaten there for years, but I will always remember my first Green Goddess Salad about 50 years ago.