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Jan 6, 2002 11:48 PM


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Does anyone know of any restaurant in SF where one can get birria made with goat meat? My dad has been searching for goat birria like it was the holy grail, and all the places we've been to make it from lamb. Thanks for any leads!

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    Phil Coffino

    Try a small Mexican restaurant at the corner of 15 St. and South Van Ness- can't remember the name. Birria de chiva (spelling?) may be a weekend special. I was last there more than a year ago, but it seemed pretty changeless. Carnitas was also good there, and they made their own tamales.

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    1. re: Phil Coffino
      Melanie Wong

      Are you thinking of Los Jarritos? If so, here's a link to Rochelle's post on the restaurant and tamales.


      1. re: Phil Coffino

        Alas, my dad and I have been there and they seem to make it with lamb. Thanks for writing, though.

        1. re: SF Native

          Los Jarito's makes it with Lamb? No way. I would be surprised. I used to eat it there all the time on Sundays. You should check with them. Birria rocks!

          1. re: SLAP

            No, no. The restaurant that Mr. Coffino and I were referring to is on 14th and South Van Ness. I can't remember the name of it. Los Jarritos is on 20th and South Van Ness.

            Now I will make it a point to call Los Jarritos and ask them about their birria ingredients, though!

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        recovering chef

        try Chava on the corner of 18th and Shotwell.
        their Birria is pretty good (as is their Menudo).

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        1. re: recovering chef

          I've had the Birria at Chava's, and it really tasted goaty to me--not lamblike at all. Delicious! Try it out.

          1. re: recovering chef

            Try La Perla on Lux Ave in S.SF. Saturdays only. Excellent and I just ate there.

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            Brandon Nelson

            When in Napa...

            Villa Corona has birria on the weekends. Get there early though, It often sells out before luch.