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Jan 4, 2002 08:27 PM

Where to buy fresh QUAIL or SQUAB in SF?

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I am going to be hosting a dinner party tomorrow night and I am planning on making deboned, sausage-stuffed quail or, in the alternative, squab.

Does anyone have any thoughts on where in SF I might be able to get three of such birds -- FRESH??

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Try Bryan's in Laurel Village. Whole Food's maybe as well. I think I saw quail on Clement Street at one of the meat markets (either New May Wah or the Chinese Deli b/w 4th and 5th) as well. If cost is an issue, I would start on Clement.

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      Melanie Wong

      Fresh quail and squab are widely available in SF Chinatown. Check out the meat markets on Stockton St.

      1. Besides the stores, you can check out polarica:

        Great game and good prices, but in a hard area. More of a supplier to restaurants than the general public, but great quality.


        1. Any suggestions for fresh Guinea fowl--anywhere in the bay area? I can get frozen at that place on San Paqblo in Berkeley.

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            Peter Hertzmann

            Fresh squabs are shipped into Chinatown 3 times a week from the NorCal Co-op in the central valley. The stores are Man Sung on Grant Avenue, and Sun Duck and Sun Sang on Stockton Street. I got this info from the President of the co-op last May, so I assume it is still accurate. The squabs each weight about 1 pound. Also, frozen squab are available at Ranch 99 for $6.99 per pound. Frozen squabs were also available at Schaubs and Draegers, but they had to order them and wanted $14 per pound.

            Ranch 99 also has quail, but they only average 4 oz each. For a single serving main course, I prefer to use an 8 oz bird.

            I wrote an article recently on a particular boneless squab dish with detailed instructions about boning. The link is below in case there is any interest.


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              Very nice site!! Now I have another new place to explore!