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Aug 11, 2004 12:52 PM

Great Hotdogs??

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Last night we were at the Phillies game and we ate the worst hotdog ever. So, then we got to wondering where can one eat a great hotdog? I hear there's a place in Wayne that has great hotdogs and I did eat a wonderful hotdog on Rt. 202 near West Chester. The name escapes me. Is there a hotdog place in Phila?? Any recommendations?

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  1. b
    Bride of the Juggler

    Check out Holly Eats, which has great reviews of local and regional hot dog stands. We've used Holly's reviews as guides for several road trips and they were invaluable. Thank you.


    1. BUT DO NOT GO TO YOCCO'S although you will find them highly endorsed. They were the worst, and gave me heartburn for days following. Save yourself the trip.

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      1. re: debra

        We call them Yuckos.

        1. re: Ellen

          Don't listen to these two. I think they on crack.

          Yocco's is deeeeee-licious.

      2. n

        Wanna Laugh ??

        On the roof of the new Continental....
        Hot Dogs......$7
        yes seven bucks.

        After a shocking "what?" to the bartender, she said " but it comes with potato salad".

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        1. re: Newgirlintown

          Did that $7 Hot dog at The new Continental
          include any sexual favors??????


          1. re: Harry

            Perhaps in a culinary-fruedian-Clintonian sense....Ha!

        2. There is a surprisingly good hotdog to be had at Best Value Kosher Market, on Bustleton AVe. a tad above Bells Corner. (But only for take home, in a cryovac pac)

          What's unusual about it is that it is a buffalo hot dog, even though it was cooked in beef broth. I would love to get the kind of charcoal grilled hot dog of my youth in Trenton at The Dog House, but have never found anything close. These buffalo dogs are not only tasty, low fat, but also low cholesterol and low calorie. Too bad they are still fairly salty, but very very good.

          1. Great hot dogs at Jimmy John's on rt 202 south near
            West Chester