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Jan 3, 2002 09:57 AM

Top 5 Restaurants in SF

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Looking for recommendations for the best restaurants in the greater SF area. I already know Chez Panisse and French Laundry. What else is a must-eat-at. No restrictions on cuisine or geography (but nothing too much farther than the Napa Valley).


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  1. Friends of mine, who are very much into the food scene in the Bay area, recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary at Aqua, in San Francisco. Pricey, but they raved about it - over and over!

    1. IMO:

      French Laundry
      Bistro Jeanty (cant wait for Jeanty @ Jack's)
      **tie between Danko & Elisabeth Daniel

      **would like to see how Gras' cooking at Fifth Floor compares when he's cooking his own menu

      1. Definitely, Masa's and Gary Danko. I'd add Martini House (in St. Helena, in the Napa valley)-- new place that's really marvellous. Haven't been to Aqua or Jardiniere in quite a while, so can't weigh in there, but they have very high-quality reputations.

        1. I'd add another vote for Elisabeth Daniel in SF.

          For sushi, my pick is Hama-Ko, also in SF. (BTW, now's a good time for sushi - cold winter = fatter fish!) I've had cuts of fish there that were simply out of this world.

          1. for some ethnic variety

            Brother's Korean BBQ
            Ton Kiang for Dim Sum
            R&G lounge for Chinese
            Taiwan Restaurant for Taiwanese "petals of pork soup" On Sunday, they have "yam cake" on their dim sum menu. Yam flour outside, meat inside and 3 sauces.

            for spending money: Fifth Floor, new, great service, don't order the tasting menu if you want to choose your own dessert (crepes suzette is an option, I think. But I don't know b/c I ordered the tasting menu and didn't get to choose)

            South bay: Sent Sovi

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              Be advised not to go to R&G lounge for lunch. It's disappointing. Have heard dinner is better.

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                Thanks! It always depresses me to see Top anything lists of SF places that exclude all Asian choices, which to us are one of the main reasons for paying the price of living in SF!

                1. re: Sophia

                  What is the price range of Fifth Floor? I'm in NY but planning a honeymoon in SF and want to splurge a bit.

                  1. re: challi

                    i think it'll run you around $150 per head, inclusive. apps, entree, dessert, 1 bottle of wine (mid range) tax/tip included. a very special restaurant. enjoy!