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Jul 20, 2004 07:07 AM

Italian Beef in Pittsburgh? - Yovi's is closed

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Rick Sebak was on a chat yesterday and mentioned Yovi's Taste of Chicago. I was looking forward to an Italian beef sangwich (and maybe a hot dog on a poppy seed bun with the weird green relish) on my next trip to Pitt but alas, Yovi's has been closed for a while.

Does anyone know of anyplace else in or around da 'burgh that has Italian beef? The kind you have to eat with your arms extended so you don't drip all over yourself!?



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  1. For the Chicago style dogs, try D's in Regent Square. Veinna beef dogs served with all the traditional condiments.

    For the beef sangwich--- let me know if you find something....

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      Is this D's Six Pax & Dawgs on Braddock Rd near Swissvale/Wiliknsburg? If yes, I've been and they have great dogs & sausages.



    2. Yovi's is re-opened.
      It is 2 doors down from Nicholas Coffee in Market Square.

      I have had a steady diet for lunch of the sausage and chipped beef.

      Same owner -- same menu --- same great taste.