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Jan 1, 2002 05:58 PM

Where to get Teppanyaki or How is Osaka Grill?

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I've been thinking about getting teppanyaki and was wondering about Osaka Grill. Is it any good? I was intrigued by a fairly enthusiastic review in one of the weeklies a while ago, but would like more up-to-date info.

And does anyone know of any other teppenyaki places in SF that are worthwhile? Love to know.

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  1. I really enjoyed Osaka Grill although it has been a while since I have been. The atmosphere is refined and austere. The food is prepared table side with the freshest of ingrediants. It was pricey and I left feeling I could have eaten more. That said, it beats the heck out of the teppan style chains.

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      I had the same experience. The last time I ate there was a couple years ago. Better and better value than Benihana's but these kinds of restaurants don't really give you a whole lotta food. You're really paying for the chef's show & presentation. And the chefs were actually Chinese here, not Japanese.

    2. I thought I had posted on this before, but...

      My very favorite place for this is Fuijyi in Embarcadero 1. This is a bit of a sleeper. High quality, reasonable prices and large portions. Known to Japanese and tourist groups get refered from the local hotels.

      The lobster and steak combo is very succulent. Lobster is done perfectly--not overcooked, steak is NY or filet mignon (my choice, incredibly tender). Steak quality is extremely high, like a good steakhouse. Scallops are good too. Small shrimp appetizer and a nice salad plus rice comes with it. Can't remember the prices now, think the steak and lobster is $26. Chicken dishes $12 or so. Not so much show here as quality and value.

      They also have a good sushi bar, and a special counter for hot pot/shabu-shabu type dishes. The broth pot is set into the counter. I want to try it sometime.

      This summer I hosted a table of 10 teenagers and the bill was something like $170. They also took a special picture with a wide-angle lens and treated us to a ice cream volcano dessert.

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        Thanks! Sounds intriguing...putting it on my list!

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          Just ate at Fujiya tonight. Your description was perfectly accurate. Not a showy extravaganza, but simple satisfaction and a good value. I got the lobster and fillet mignon ($25.50) as recommended and it was very tasty.

          Portion size was very generous - they threw in 3 prawns, half a lobster tail, and nice slab of beef. And a ton of veggies - mushrooms that were cooked with the lobster and prawns and later the beef. Also a pile of bean sprouts with onions and zuchinni, cooked with a moderate amount of sesame seeds for added flavor.

          The prawns were a bit overcooked, but were very fresh and I could catch their sweetness. The lobster was just as sweet and fresh and was well prepared, exactly as you described. The cut of steak was also good, but might not necesarily be in the same league as Alfred's Steakhouse. As expected, butter was used to enrich everything.

          It was just right for a casual walk in dinner. Not a necessarily a special occasion kind of destination for "grown-ups," but I could see how this would be a perfect place for hosting a group of teenagers. Do let us know about the shabu-shabu once you try it.

          P.S. I think the place is run by Chinese. Noticed that the waitstaff were conversing among themselves in Cantonese. Chatted with the chef in Mandarin.