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Jun 19, 2004 07:23 AM

Bubble tea or Pearl tea

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Does any one know if this has caught on in Western Pa. My daughter lives in Houston,Tx and it is a Big thing there. It is very good. Does anyone sell the beverage???Thanks for your help

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  1. The Rose Tea Cafe on Forbes Ave. in Squirrel Hill (Pittsburgh) sells lots of "pearl" drinks...very big with the Asian population out here. They just expanded their menu to include lots of yummy Taiwanese dishes.

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      Anywhere in chinatown! Zen tea house is our favorite and we drank alot of this stuff when we lived in San Fran in 1997. We waited patiently for pearl tea to arrive on this coast. Zen is on 11th next to Vietnam restaurant. My favorite is not the tea but the hot vietnamese coffee with tapioca.

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        Yes, I love the Rose Tea Cafe. They have a nice variety and pretty good food (not my favorite Thia, but it's still delicious.. great braised chicken over rice and dumplings). Where else can you get dinner for 2 for $20?? Excellent!! :-)

        PS- I found it kinda funny when my boyfriend and I went to eat there. We ordered our food and they brought over silverware. I looked to the left where a group of Asian boys were eating, and they were all brought chop stix. I wasn't offended, because when the boys were brought their food they ended up asked for silverware anyways. Haha!

      2. Try the bubble house on samson street in penn district