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Dec 28, 2001 02:40 PM

Is E & O Trading Company any good?

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Hi Chowhounds -- Is E & O Trading Company on Sutter any good? We're considering it for New Year's Eve, before seeing Lily Tomlin at Theater on the Square. Is there a way to look up specific restaurants on this site? I'm not too good with computers... thanks, Kim

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  1. Sort of...the key is to have a beer or a cocktail and order appetizers, or other plates that spark your fancy...I wouldn't commit to a full-bore dinner there.

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      i concur. we had the same sort of hit and miss experience there, tho they do have a bunch of interesting looking cocktails.

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      Rochelle McCune

      "Is there a way to look up specific restaurants on this site?"
      To answer your technical question:
      If you go to the homepage, on the right side of the screen is the "Search Chowhound" feature. Type in "Trading Company" "San Francisco" - that will lead you to a reply to a request for rest. recs around Union Square. I have added the link below as well.

      Re: E&O Trading Company - I have only been there once for drinks & apps (stopped in on a break from shopping). It was fine but we didn't have entrees.


      1. I had dinner at E&O about 2 years ago. My overall impression was negative. The place was very loud, compounded by the problem that the tables were unusually wide, so you strained to hear people across the table. The food tried very hard to be hip, with small portions, and big prices. Note that the place may have changed since my visit. There are many other wonderful places in SF, so I'd venture elsewhere.

        1. I have been to E & O for dinner several times and have always loved the food. The dishes are tasty and different. The only negative is that it does get loud. It is a fun place to go if you enjoy hustle and bustle. It is a good location too.