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Dec 28, 2001 11:21 AM

Chicken Vesuvio

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Dear All,

I just made Chicken Vesuvio from a recipe from a cooking magazine. The magazine indicated that this is a favorite Chicago classic, but it was new to me. The recipe was a lot of work, and the results were only so-so.

Question: Does anyone know of a restaurant in the bay area that serves a model Chicken Vesuvio? How SHOULD it be, and is it really that great?

Thanks. PME :-)

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  1. All branches of Buca di Beppo serve it.


    1. I think I know the recipe you used. The one from Cook's Illustrated. I just made it tonight and my mouth still has the savory tang of the garlic and the wine and the herbs dancing around it.

      My Dutch oven was a little too small and I had to take extra time to brown the chicken and potatos because I couldn't fit them all in. It took longer to bake than the directions said it should. But it was wonderful once it finally finished. I'll definitely give it another try.