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Dec 27, 2001 05:35 PM

Favorite brunch/lunch place in SOMA...

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Looking for a decent place to go to after shopping at Limn on New Year's eve day....

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  1. Where in Soma will you be exactly?
    It is a gigantic neighborhood if you are on foot....

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      Rochelle McCune

      SOMA is not usually where I hang at brunch time so my advice it limited. If you are coming from Limn, Momo's would be a good bet. I've been to Delancey Street Cafe a couple of times and enjoyed it.

      Getting further away....
      Kelly's Mission Rock is good, but since they remodeled - well, its just not the same.
      Universal Cafe is quite good, really fresh, clean food.
      Buzz 9 - I've heard good things about but have not been yet.

      If the weather is nice, and we want to be on the water, we go to Jelly's - the food is not fancy, but its on the water, has a patio and its never busy. I think of it as The Ramp with better food but without the crowd.