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Dec 26, 2001 03:45 PM

Dim Sum at City View

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Last week, Tida, Alexandra and I celebrated the season and Chowhound gathering #23 with dim sum at City View. Alex was the veteran here, while Tida and I were trying it for the first time. We had planned well by arriving at 11:30am, as it was packed by noon time.

My favorite dishes were the cha siu so (bbq pork in flaky pastry), bell peppers stuffed with shrimp forcemeat, the steamed sharks fin dumpling crowned with a whole prawn, and sesame ball dessert. Overall, the quality was very good and can compete with the best in the City.

Including tip and tax, the price per person was $15.

City View Restaurant
662 Commercial (between Montgomery and Kearny)
San Francisco


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    Alexandra Eisler

    Wait, you forgot those incredible little bits of deep-fried flufffiness. Taro something with a meat stuffing?

    when are we going back??

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    1. re: Alexandra Eisler

      Hey Alex, yes, those deep-fried stuffed taro root dumplings were awesome.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        my own favorites are the sesame chicken and the shrimp with candied walnuts....but their potstickers are also way above normal....on balance, a great, although increasingly expensive, place for lunch

        1. re: barry reder

          We had the shrimp with walnuts too. It was nice to have this offered as a small plate. Not one of my favorites, this one was a little too gooey with mayo for my tastes, but we did polish it off. (g)