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Capogiro Gelato

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I went to the NY Restaurant show a few days ago, nothing really stood out except for Capogiro Gelato of Philly. I sampled the Thai Coconut and the Passion Fruit. They were the best frozen desserts I've ever tasted. I briefly spoke with the owner, but fogot to ask where they distribute their product. I saw on the web they have a store, but does anyone know who distributes for them? Their gelato was awesome!

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    Bride of the Juggler

    The owners work at the store, especially in the morning when they are making the gelato. Give them a call. And welcome to the bandwagon!

    (215) 351-0900

    1. yeah it's really good!!

      1. If you ever happen to be in Philly and you feel like stopping by their shop, it's located on the corner of 13th and Sansom.

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          We found out that they will ship (minimum order 6 pints) so we just sent some to our son in college. He and his friends are pigging out. Not cheap, but they ship it UPS packed in dry ice. I might have to have some sent here to DC.

        2. Food Source in Concordville carries their products.

          1. The Fair Food Farmstand in the Reading Terminal Market has a few of their flavors every week - usually seasonal ones

            1. If you're looking for a source in NYC, I know Garden of Eden in Chelsea carries Capogiro. Sometimes they offer samples!

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                Actually, I'm looking for a source in Washington DC. If I wanted go somewhere to get it, it would be easier to drive to Phila than to get to NY. expecially since my in laws live there. But for now, I will have to have it delivered. It was good to know that it arrived packed in dry ice, still frozen and delicious.

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                  It looks like, on the Capogiro website, they are lots of stores that feature their stuff. It looks like there's a Balducci's in DC

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                    mmmm, what a nice day to talk about capogiro gelato! across the US i've never found anything that comes close. the thai coconut milk is my absolute standing favorite, and the lime/basil is superb on a nice hot day. there's also a location at 20th and sansom.

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                      My sister and her husband live in nyc and swear up and down that there isn't any gelato in nyc that even comes close to capogiro. And I love that thai coconut so much that I have to avoid it because I could easily eat a pint. no problem.

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                    You can get it at the Balduccis in DC, MD, and NOVA.

                2. Went to the new location last night after dinner at Tinto. The blood orange gelato is a fierce fuschia color and nice 'n' tart. Fior di latte was sweet and mellow. The Thai coconut milk--a favorite--was in attendance, but also want to try the chrysanthemum tea gelato.

                  1. I've seen some flavors at Whole Foods in NY

                    1. For those in Pittsburgh, Mon Aimee Chocolat in the Strip District sells Capogiro gelato. Yummy indeed.

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                        When did Mon Aimee switch? Their signage (as of a week ago Thursday) still indicated Mulberry St. as the source.

                      2. The pomegranate (sp?) flavour was my favourite!

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                          I go to the strip several times a weekl, signnage has definitely been Capogiro for several weeks. We went to Pamela's for breakfast today and again I saw the Capogiro sign.

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                            Actually we're both right. I didn't notice the Capogiro sign because the Mulberry St. sign was - and continues to be - on display. The Mulberry St. sign is facing 21st in the "white out" window while, the Capogiro is on the side window nearest Penn.

                        2. It's actually even better at their shops (one on 13th and Sansom, the other on, I think, 20th and Sansom). I think they have to put a stabilizer in the ones the sell by the pint. They're still great, but the texture of the stuff you get fresh at their gelaterias is unbelievable.

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                            I've been told by people who work at Aimee's that there are no stabilizers in it, but I don't know for sure.

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                              I am sure there isn't, as it would have to be on the label, and isn't. But the freeze on gelato in an ice cream shop more closely resembles soft serve, whereas the freeze on a pint of ice cream is usually -20 or so.

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                                I'm so crazy about Capogiro I will drive an hour and a half to their shop to have some. I'm getting married next month and we're planning on serving it as dessert following an Indian buffet. Any thoughts on flavors for our wedding guests? I love the blood orange but I think it will be out of season by then.

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                                  I seem to remember a couple that feature south-asian-esque aromatics - maybe a star anise flavor or a cardamom? Not sure - my memory is fuzzy on this. But if those flavors exist they'd match up nicely.

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                                    Sadly, though, as a woman of MAJOR CARDAMOM OBSESSION, I think their cardamom flavors are sort of weak.

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                                      Hmm. That's too bad. I also just had a green-tea that, while tasty, wasn't intense enough. On the other hand, on my most recent visit I went for one of my known favorites - fior di latte - and it was so brilliantly perfect I felt blessed to be eating it. That's a flavor that really maximizes what's special about their gelato, which I feel is a flavor/texture thing. Some of the flavorings seem to lend themselves to a slightly more watery or grainy texture, but whatever goes into fior di latte (maybe it's just sugar, since the name means sweet milk) allows for a ridiculously lush, silky texture that's pretty unbeatable.

                          2. I drive from central New Jersey to Philly just to go to Capogiro for gelato.
                            I went about a week ago and got their Thai Coconut. It is an amazing flavor and the silky texture on the tongue.. downright sensuous!
                            Capogiro makes the most addictive gelato I've ever eaten!
                            I think it is worth the trip to Philly from... well, anywhere but, once you've eaten it, you will be back for more and more and more...

                            1. Had the English Sea Salt & Macademia Nut gelato's yesterday...wow. So good. Who would think English Sea Salt would be a flavor you'd want in gelato? My fiance had the Blood Orange & Thai Coconut Milk. Like the best creamsicle in the world.