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Dec 23, 2001 11:48 PM

rendered duck fat source

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I need to find a good, reliable and preferably affordable source of rendered duck fat. While I'm willing to travel for it, I would love it if there were a source in San Francisco.

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  1. You could try mail order from Joie de Vivre. They carry Grimaud farm duck products, including tubs of duck fat. I haven't ordered duck products from them, but I have had good luck with candied chestnuts and calissons I ordered. And yes, you could travel there if you were desperate (they're in the Central Valley), but that seems a bit far to drive.


    Link: http://www.frenchselections.com/datab...

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      I've bought the duck fat from Sonoma Foie Gras when they used to sell direct. Now retail sales are routed through JdV.

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        recovering chef

        Thanks - I found a local source. Draegar's in San Mateo sells it by the half-pint.

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          That's a good find. Same brand? Price?

          Merry, merry!

          1. re: Melanie Wong
            recovering chef

            Fabrique Delices
            7oz, $9.75

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              Wow! It's lots cheaper to buy a duck and make your own, and then you get to eat the duck, too.

              1. re: ironmom

                2 lbs tub from JdV for $7.50. Of course, there's shipping, but if you are ordering other things or in quantity, this won't be so painful. No one ever accused Draeger's of being inexpensive. :-)


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                  This might be too much and i might be too late but:

                  p.s. they are in the city.

                  Link: http://www.polarica.com/public_html/r...

                  1. re: Jupiter

                    Actually, the price looked quite competitive. Thanks for reminding us of Polarica.


                    Link: http://chowhound.safeshopper.com

      2. have you tried Whole Foods? I know they have duck fat, not sure if it's the kind you're looking for.