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Dec 22, 2001 02:19 PM

Delicias Elenitas visit

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On the way to Orr Hot Springs last Wednesday, Holly and I stopped in Santa Rosa with the vague hope of finding the Delicias Elenitas taco truck on Sebastopol Road.

The pambazo god smiled upon us, for the truck was there, and so were the pambazos. I ordered a pambazo and Holly got the torta cubana. The pambazo this time was not a pambazo de tinga (beef "stew"), as before, but was a sandwich filled with potatoes and chorizo, which Jim L referred to as "choripapas." It was delicious: more delicate than the beefy version, and, thanks to a generous hand with fresh herbs, had an aromatic and curry-like flavor.

The torta cubana also did not disappoint, and in fact was the closest to perfection that we've found so far. D.E.'s version of this sandwich involved ham, roast pork, american cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and sliced pickled jalapenos. It is the combination of meat flavors & textures, the mellifluous "umami" of the cheese, and the bite of the pickled chiles that really makes this sandwich work for me.

So, another wonderful visit to this truck. Melanie Wong wrote a definitive guide to taco trucks on Sebastopol Road, and I've included the link below.




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  1. Wow! You're having better luck, than I am, Patrick. The truck was there when I stopped by last week. But as the first customer of the day, they didn't have enough change to break my bill for the $5 Torta Cubana (which I was hot to try for the first time) and I scraped enough singles and quarters together to get a $4 torta de suadero. Hmm, maybe I need to stop by on my way back to the City...

    There are at least two more trucks on that stretch that I have yet to explore. But when I see the pambazo man in place, it's hard to think of anything else. You should also try the enchiladas from this D.E. truck...very special and different from CalMex.


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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Now i feel even luckier!

      what's "suadero"? i meant to ask that.

      1. re: patrick

        Suadero is beef rib meat off the bone, then cut into dice. Think slightly chewy, a little fatty, and intensely beefy in flavor. The only downside is that this seems to have the most variation of the various meats offered. Sometimes it's too soft, other times it doesn't have quite the flavor punch. But when it's on, it's really, really special.

    2. I also meant to mention that one late night (after 9pm), I was waiting for my order at D.E. when a carload full of Rubio's employees pulls up to get dinner. They were all wearing their Rubio's shirts. This was where they go to get some real meat on their tacos. (vbg)