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where are the best burgers in Pittsburgh besides...

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Tessaro's and the Sharp Edge?

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  1. Fat Head's does a pretty good job. I've also heard positive things about the burgers at City Grill but haven't had one there myself.

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      Park House in the Strip has very good burgers, as does Gene's Last Chance, and, believe it or not, Gooskis in Polish Hill. I have fond memories of the burgers at Ryan's Pub from my time as an East Ender but I haven't been there in a couple of years.

    2. When we lived in Squirrel Hill (5-6 years ago), we used to satisfy serious burger cravings at a bar on Forbes near the corner of Forbes and Murray. The Squirrel Hill Cafe, I think. It was black and red on the outside, across from the library, and I think it's still there. Cheap enough for impoverished graduate students, and good burgers and other basic food.

      1. When I lived there, there was a GREAT burger at a little tavern in Bloomfield, near and across the street from Jim's Records (which is now Norm's CDs, I think). Is it still there? I can't for the life of me remember the name of the place.


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          That would probably be Paul's CDs and the previously mentioned Tessaro's.

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            Yeah, Paul's CDs; thanks! And I couldn't remember Tessaro's. Getting old is rough, I tell ya.

            My brother ran into Jim Spitznagel not long ago; he's in Ithaca, "Jim's Ithaca Music Shop". Remember Eddie and the Otters?


        2. Tessaro's and Fatheads get my vote - another good alternative is Fuel and Fuddle in Oakland. Their turkey burger with sherried mushrooms is excellent - and HUGE

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            I've had some good (but quite bizarre) sandwiches at Fatheads. I totally did not get Tessaro's. Very nice people (staff and counter-mates) and all, but the burger had been so hyped, I was really disappointed. It was like a standard burger I'd get at any diner. Being over-done did not help, but I could not find a single thing to distinguish it among burgers.

          2. Embury, in the Strip has a killer burger, especially the Steakhouse and their take on the Big Mac. They serve it upstairs at The Firehouse Lounge as well. I have some vegetarian friends who don't turn their noses up because the Veggie burgers are pretty "meaty" there too. Kaya has a great burger as well with Avocado and a fried egg. Eleven is rather decadent with braised meat and fried onions. Mmmmmmm

            1. Interesting OP - I'd have never equated Tessaro's and the Sharp Edge for burger quality. Have had uneven experiences with burgers at the latter (but still the best place for beer between Chicago & NYC).

              Personally have always enjoyed Atria's burgers. Heck, I actually like Outback burgers. Which I guess means I don't think about ordering burgers out very much...

              1. For a place that's not so well known but has terrific burgers, try Gab 'n Eat near Carnegie. This place is a great diner and is open for lunch but I think closes around 4pm. Anyway, for lunch you can't beat it or the atmosphere!


                1. There are about 100 other reasons to visit the Point Brugge, but if you go and are in the mood for a burger, the burger offered there is quite good. I like Murray Ave. Grill and Atria's for burgers too.

                  1. If you're around in the summer, Legume in Regent Square has an excellent burger on their brunch menu, which is only available on Sundays in June and July. If I'm recalling correctly, the burger is made from local ground beef and topped with cheddar cheese and pickled ramps (which are an amazing touch), among other things. Worth checking out in the summer.