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Feb 16, 2004 08:02 AM

where are the best burgers in Pittsburgh besides...

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Tessaro's and the Sharp Edge?

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  1. Fat Head's does a pretty good job. I've also heard positive things about the burgers at City Grill but haven't had one there myself.

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      Park House in the Strip has very good burgers, as does Gene's Last Chance, and, believe it or not, Gooskis in Polish Hill. I have fond memories of the burgers at Ryan's Pub from my time as an East Ender but I haven't been there in a couple of years.

    2. When we lived in Squirrel Hill (5-6 years ago), we used to satisfy serious burger cravings at a bar on Forbes near the corner of Forbes and Murray. The Squirrel Hill Cafe, I think. It was black and red on the outside, across from the library, and I think it's still there. Cheap enough for impoverished graduate students, and good burgers and other basic food.

      1. When I lived there, there was a GREAT burger at a little tavern in Bloomfield, near and across the street from Jim's Records (which is now Norm's CDs, I think). Is it still there? I can't for the life of me remember the name of the place.


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          That would probably be Paul's CDs and the previously mentioned Tessaro's.

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            Yeah, Paul's CDs; thanks! And I couldn't remember Tessaro's. Getting old is rough, I tell ya.

            My brother ran into Jim Spitznagel not long ago; he's in Ithaca, "Jim's Ithaca Music Shop". Remember Eddie and the Otters?


        2. Tessaro's and Fatheads get my vote - another good alternative is Fuel and Fuddle in Oakland. Their turkey burger with sherried mushrooms is excellent - and HUGE

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            I've had some good (but quite bizarre) sandwiches at Fatheads. I totally did not get Tessaro's. Very nice people (staff and counter-mates) and all, but the burger had been so hyped, I was really disappointed. It was like a standard burger I'd get at any diner. Being over-done did not help, but I could not find a single thing to distinguish it among burgers.

          2. Embury, in the Strip has a killer burger, especially the Steakhouse and their take on the Big Mac. They serve it upstairs at The Firehouse Lounge as well. I have some vegetarian friends who don't turn their noses up because the Veggie burgers are pretty "meaty" there too. Kaya has a great burger as well with Avocado and a fried egg. Eleven is rather decadent with braised meat and fried onions. Mmmmmmm