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Feb 2, 2004 01:42 PM

Best tomato pies in Philly area?

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Having a party and I need some amazing tomato pies. Where can I get the best ones? I hear there is a place near manayunk???

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  1. Marchiano's is in Manayunk on Umbria St. near Leverington. Extremely great tomato pie. You definitely must call in your reserved order in advance 215-483-8585.

    They also have delicious stuffed breads and "oreganata" which is a round bread rolled in layers (like a jelly roll) with spices and olive oil.


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      hey, im new to philly--whats a "tomato pie"

      1. re: barbara

        The "true" tomato pie is the one that was always served in Trenton NJ eara. When I grew up there in 1950s and 60s there were at least 7 Tomato Pie Places. Now only 2. Both DeLorenzo's (related but different). A Tomato Pie on Trenton has the chees one the bottom and has chunky tomoto sauce on top.

        In Philly Tomoato Pie (like the nice one at Downstairs at Bellvue is a sicialian pie with only chunky tomatoes and garlic. No cheese.

        So there are two types.


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          There is a Pizza place at 19th and Chestnut Street in CC that makes a very good tomato pie. It's called Dolce Carini (sp?) I believe they also deliver in town. Anyone Know if Lombardis makes Tomato Pie?


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            juggler dave's is the only reply you need. the other people are only making other suggestions since they don't know about marchiano's. i grew up eating sarcone's and do love their tomato pie, but marchiano's is tops. you can get good tomato pie at mostly any italian bakery that makes pizzas too (cacia's, ianelli's, sarcone's).

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              I love Ianelli's and always found them to be underrated. Is Marchiano's really better?

          2. You may also want to consider Corropolese Deli in Norristown Area (about 10 Minutes from the Norristown Exit of the I-476). Great tomato pies - about $10. Sheet (30 Slices). Order ahead. 610 275 6664
            Located in Reds Barbone Shopping Center - 2014 Old Arch Rd.

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              Agreed. Corropolese in Norristown, and Limerick have a terrific tomato pie. Compared to Marchiano's and Conshohocken, it's golden. I believe a full sheet pie is $13. Very well worth it.

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              bill wardell

              I haved all the tomato pies in the area including those in Trenton. I really think that there is no one that can match Conshohocken Bakery. The sauce on their pie is just incredible. Its a little further out then Manyunk if you live in the city, but I guarantee you its the worth the trip. Its right off of Hector st. Ask anyone in Conshy. They all know it.

              1. Lots of good ones. Not sure about any great ones.

                Seriously consider:

                Gaeta's on Castor Ave. just north of Cottman Avenue. Cooked in the large rectangular pans. Great tomato taste. Crust is very crunchy on bottom with a little chewy layer above. A bit dry, though.

                Tony A's in either Roxborough(Ridge and ?) or Conshohocken(Plymouth Square Shopping Center, the one oneRidge with REI). Again, great chunky and tangy tomato sauce over a nice tasting slightly thicker chewy layer. Again crisp bottom, but a more moist version than Gaeta's.

                Carlino's in Ardmore(County Line Road, near Wynnewood Road). This place is incredible. Agreat fresh tomato(they grow their own out back in the summer)sauce, fantastic dough and crust is a perfect golden brown crunchy on bottom with a delicious bread above. Still, not too thick.

                There are dozens of bakeries and bars all over the area and in Jersey which make their own. Check them out, but for now I would go with these or othe others. I like them all, but my wife call those from the Conshohocken Bakery(which I LOVE) and Joseph Coropolese's(another great place) "like ketchup on white bread! Maybe so.

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                1. re: richard

                  Duh, richard, Sarcone's. From the Bakery on south 9th near Fitzwater, next to Ralph's. A must have.

                2. The only question I would pose is whether they will travel successfully. I get mine from Delorenzos in Trenton -- arguably the best around. That said, I'm not exactly thrilled with them leftover, only when eaten in the restaurant right out of the oven and still smokin'. I also got one from another local place as takeout. I didn't like that either. Perhaps tomato pies suffer in the box on the way home much more than do a normal cheese pizza and do not revive as well in the oven at home. You might want to "test drive" one and see how you like it as a takeout item before you stock up for a big party. Just a suggestion.

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                  1. re: Ellen

                    I always have DeLorenzo pies in my freezer. I have them cook them 3/4 the time. I heat them on a pizza screen in the oven or in a fry pan on top of the stove.

                    1. re: Ellen

                      Was just considering this today as I went on a pilgrimage to DeLorenzo's in the burg. I was so afraid that they had changed with time. It was hard not to cry tears of joy (that would have made the tomato pie too salty) as I found out that yes you can go home again. It was mid to late afternoon on this saturday in 2008 close to Columbus Day and my party was greeted by a distinguished kindly gentleman in a suit and tie. The juke box is gone but the waiters still wear the bow ties. The statues of the Italian chefs are still there and if you look closely there is still one picture of a clown. I felt like a supplicant at an altar as I lowered my head to take the first bite out of my large pie with mushrooms. There was no conversation at all between our party of three as we slowly and reverently consumed our slices of heaven. We weren't ignoring each other, we had simply forgotten for the moment that mouths were for anything other than eating tomato pie from DeLorenzo's. I noticed specialty pies and even offerings with whole wheat crust. and when were were done we talked about ordering one to go for later. But stuffed as we were I doubted our pie would survive the hour trip home, and if by some miracle it did. it just wouldn't be the same. We made a vow to come back more often and continued on to the People's bakery. Thank goodness I was wearing sensible boots. The smell of fresh baking Italian bread nearly knocked me over as it was. Going to make myself an Italian pork sandwich on a People's roll right now. It will help comfort me as it sinks in that much pleasure has it's price. I've ruined pizza for myself in this area once again.

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                        It is not quite 8AM and I am passionately wishing for an alternate breakfast selection!