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Dec 18, 2001 05:56 PM

New Year's Eve in the Mission

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As members of the San Francisco Community Music Center Orchestra Chorus (whew!), we're in search of a fine spot for dinner on New Year's Eve before our 8:00 p.m. concert at Mission Presbyterian Church, 23rd & Capp Streets. There'll be from 5-10 of us. What we'd love to be able to do is park near the Church, and then stroll to our dinner site. Closer is better, so that we don't wear ourselves out walking back before the show. I know that there are dozens of eateries in the vicinity, but we're looking for a good place to celebrate on this festive evening. All suggestions are welcome! Thanks.

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  1. I know that Foreign Cinema is doing a NYE dinner, and they have that nice fireplace and new chefs.


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      Some people above mentioned Panchita's #3 on 22nd St.
      near South Van Ness.

      Since I live on that street I can also recommend
      that restaurant as well. The food is very good.
      And it's right near the Church you are singing at.

    2. r
      recovering chef

      Delfina is a bit of a hike from there but would be very tasty.

      or you could go to Emmy's Spaghetti Shack or Roosevelt Tamale (yum).