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Nov 17, 2003 12:51 PM

Maxie's Pizza---Taylor (Old Forge)

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For me, Old Forge Pizza IS Main Street/Ave.(starting with Gabello's in nearby Duryea, then Ghigiarelli's, Revello's, Arcaro and Genell, a one-block detour to Salerno's, Anthony's and Arcaro's atop Taylor Hill just before the Scranton line).

That's probably why it's taken me that long to find Maxie's (on the other end of town at Keyser Ave. near the Taylor/Old Forge line). I came across an old post way below from someone who recalled it fondly and wondered whether it still exists. Well, yes it does! And it's wonderful! So from now on, unless it was a fluke (doubtful), Maxie's deserves a slot in any serious Old Forge Pizza discussion.

We ordered "a tray" of 12 ($9) to go. These are thick, crusty slices---heavier in texture (more like Victory Pig or Pizza Perfect, but a bigger back crust and far less greasy) than your typical Old Forge Pizza. Cheese is some kind of American/Monterey Jack blend and sits atop (the best part) a nice chunky tomatoey sauce that often oozes out with each bite.

I'm always excited when I can add a new pizza to my list...and Maxie's goes into "regular rotation"!!!

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  1. That might have been the way it was in '03. Things have changed. The place has gone downhill ever since.......(tip) don't order anything with red sauce on it.

    1. My family has been going to Maxie's for years and love this restaurant. From the tripe & soffritto to the oozing cheese white pizza, to the tomato garlic pizza, or simply the red is all the best in old forge. Love, love, love the gravey/cheese fries......awesome toasted italian hoagie with hot have to try the butter/garlic or mild wings xxx kids LOVE them!!! We have gone here with a party of 4 people all the way to 24 people and the quality of the food & service was always great. Thank you Maxie's for giving me a break from cooking......Luv U Guys & see you soon !!! OH DID I MENTION THE BEER IS ALWAYS COLD.....the hubby loves that = )

      Maxies Family Restaurant & Bar
      320 S Keyser Ave, Old Forge, PA 18518