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Dec 14, 2001 07:18 PM

Hot steamy noodles in SF!

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Brrrr, it's cold out there! And when it's cold enough to wear a hat AND gloves, there's only one thing I want--a big, steamy bowl of noodles. I'm happy with ramen, pho, udon--basically any kind of good Asian noodles in soup. Any suggestions for other good noodle place in SF? I've been to Mifune, Sapporo-Ya, and a few others (what do they do to all the food at ZAO? Run it through the flavor-extracting machine? Blech.) Would love suggestions for warming up this winter.Thanks!

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  1. noodles - one of my loves

    try PPQ on Iving between 10th and 20th. It's a pho house.

    Hana restaurant on Irving between 4th and 5th Ave is my standard for good udon. I get the chicken udon there.

    try Hotei (run by the Ebisu people so you can get sushi too if you want) Actually, the udon soup base is not good. but they have some interesting noodles with ice cube dishes. and their curry beef is generous

    Taiwan restaurant has some beef stew noodles as well as the Taiwanese standard "petals of pork soup" with noodles if you want noodles. I prefer it without noodles.

    1. My daughter and I felt the same way the other day, so we went to one of our favorite noodle joints, New Hai Ky, at 2191 Irving at 23rd Ave. (right on the corner).

      Becky had the wonton noodle soup with "thick" (meaning flat egg noodles about the width of linguine) noodles. It was loaded with fish balls, shrimp, fish cake, pork, beef, veggies, etc. She liked it a lot.

      I had my favorite, wonton noodle soup with orange duck (it's #4 on the menu) -- delicious!! You get a whole duck leg in very good broth with the same "thick" noodles (you have a choice of thick or thin noodles) and wontons.

      You can also pick up some very good Chinese roast ducks, chickens, pork, etc. at this place. They also have lots of rice plates, noodle plates, and other soups. It's very good. Inexpensive, too.

      1. I'll mention a few places in my nabe.

        Noodle soup with a side of eel stir-fried with bean spouts in a vingery sauce at Shanghai Restaurant on Judah and 9th.

        A simple ultra greasy ramen at Katana-ya on Judah and 6th. From what I hear, it's a lot closer to what you get in Japan, unlike the more toned-down, health conscious versions at Hotei (which are good in their own way), just not as gutsy.

        I was quite disturbed when ZAO first opened a branch in the inner sunset -- good thing that recently closed (yay). The food was pretty bad, but I was amused (in a good way) when the waitress there offered to teach me how to use chopsticks at the first and last meal I ate at ZAO. (I've probably been using chopstick before she was born.)

        For a different approach, work up a little bit of sweat with the tasty peanut and sesame flavored cold noodles from Sunset Star on Kirkham and 12th. The slightly sweet and rather spicy flavors coat the noodles well in their light oily base. Crunchy notes from bean sprouts and green onions raise the level of textural interest. Simple and delicious.

        Slightly further away, King of Thai and any of their branches are very worthwhile and with rather low prices.

        1. Try San Tung 1031 Irving at 11th Ave

          The noodles are made in house and are good. I had the 5 spice beef noodle soup. Not as stewy as I am used to but not greasy and unhealthy either.

          Their steamed potstickers (dumplings) were also good to ward off the cold.

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            and they are closed on Wednesdays as it turns out (I was there today, hoping to pick up some lunch, no dice). got perfectly nice pho at Yummy Yummy next door instead.

          2. I am all about the Roast Duck Noodle Soup.
            You can get a great heaping bowl of it at Young's Cafe on Sacramento and Kearny. Bow Hon at 850 Grant Avenue also has great noodle in soup, a bit smaller and less greasy (less flavorful for some) but still damn good. They also make awesome congee. But Youngs has the massive portions with decent broth for cheap. Perfect way to chill your cold bones and take a break from work.