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Cedarbrook/Jenkintown/Glenside Restaurants?

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Is there anything chow-worthy in this area? Upscale, downscale, Italian, Thai, open to almost anything really. I'm dying to try Abners BBQ but my friend is not a big meat eater and we don't feel like driving downtown tonight.

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  1. You may want to try 211 York if that's still around. I tried Abner's the other day and was not all that impressed. I have to add a caveat though, I travel to Memphis several times a year so I'm comparing it to the best BBQ on the planet.

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      Having never tried BBQ in Memphis, what are you thoughts about Rib Crib which I prefer over abners?

      Just trying to get some prespective on what's out in the holy lands of BBQ. thx.

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        Not having been to the Mecca of BBQ, you'll probably be ok with either...it's kind of like being ruined on local Italian food once you've been to Italy.

    2. A couple of thoughts....

      Tierra Columbiana on N. 5th Street is a great place for Cuban/Columbian food. The portions are generous, the atmosphere is warm and bustling, and it is just below where the Blvd. crosses N. 5th.

      There are a lot of good Korean restaurants in Cheltenham and N. Philly area. I went to a place I really liked, but I don't remember too many details...I think it has a sign that says Soft Tofu Restaurant, and it is on the corner of 67th and 5th? 67th crosses Broad Street right at the Oak Lane Diner, which is a good diner to check out. Here is an excerpt from a college guide to eating that has some specific information (although I'm not sure if it is up to date) about Korean restaurants.

      Also, I've heard good things about Marco Polo in Elkins Park.

      North Philly: We don't normally visit this area, because of the distance and safety (!), but when we want to eat better prepared food, we can visit this area when it is not too dark. They are divided into two big regions, one along the 5th street, and the other along the Castor avenue. The former region is packed with Korean stores, but it is not very safe at night. There are so many restaurants and grocery stores here, so we will just mention the most characteristic ones. Kim's restaurant, alias Go-Ryeo-Jeong (5955 N. 5th, 927-4550), is the best place to eat charcoaled bul-go-gi in Philadelphia. Go-Ba-Woo (1925 W. Cheltenham Ave, 572-1616) is the biggest Korean grocery store in Philadelphia. Ah-Sa-Won (5132 N. 5th, 455-3355) and Lai-Lai (5201 N. 5th, 456-1088) are Chinese/Korean restaurants which serve especially delicious Jja-Jang-Myun, or noodle with black-bean-paste. The latter region is more relaxed. It has bigger restaurants, such as Shilla (7030 Castor Ave, 722-3355) and Sam-Won-Garden (6600 Castor Ave, 744-2825). We only wish they are a bit closer.

      1. tortilla's in willow grove is pretty good for your basic mexican grub (burritos, etc.., it's better than chi chis and it's byob)

        la pergola in jenkintown is decent middle eastern and it is also byob. my folks had a good meal at mirna's in jenkintown, but i've never been so i can't vouch for it.

        the drake tavern in jenkintown is good if you just want apps and drinks

        have fun

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          We really enjoy Mirna's chicken zingara. A bit pricey for us though. And I think they didn't take credit cards.

        2. Great Korean restaurant at 5501 N. Front Street, no English name, telephone 215 276 7942, and connects to a terrific karaoke place for fun after you eat. Try their barbecued stuff.

          1. The Kitchen Bar on Old York Road in Abington is good. It was formerly Alexander's, but they upgraded the interior and de-emphasized Greek food. It's now very attractive and with a newer, more modern menu, its a good choice if you are in that area.

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              I found the Kitchen Bar to be abysmal, much to my disappointment. Lousy food and service, I hate to say.

            2. I love Athena in Glenside. Delicous greek BYO. They serve "traditional" greek comfort food. Reasonable prices.

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                Athena's pita bread is unbelievably good and extremely addictive. Wonderful hummus as well. But I think they're very expensive for this type of food. OK, I'm from NY so maybe I have unrealistic expectations about the price of greek food. But it's good.

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                  You don't have to be from NY to have that opinion....I agree. Athena is in my neighborhood and I am able to walk there, but it is overpriced and we usually end up going somwhere else.....unfortunately b/c that pita is so, so good. Keswick could use more (and better) dining options. The Keswick Tavern stinks, the Chinese restaurant du jour changes management way too often, the sushi joint.....well I haven't been there.....but it looks a little skeezy from the outside. Plush is not so good. Oh well.

              2. Two new Italian restaurants have opened in the area and both are decent. The first is in The Towers condos at Limekiln Pike and the entrance to Rte. 309. It's called Primo Bacio. The 2nd is at the Jenkintown train station - Mio Pomodoro. Both places have decent food and lively decor. Mio Pomodoro's food is very different. It's eclectic and when you order things off of the menu they might be presented in a pleasantly surprising way.

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                  Thanks, lisasharyn! We've eaten at Primo Bacio several times now and really enjoy it. Here's a Chow post I made a few months back, after our first visit there: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/556857

                  And I am thrilled to hear that Mio Pomodoro is good. We live within walking distance of the train station and have been talking about trying it out.

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                    Just to follow up, we ate at Mio Pomodoro two nights ago and were very pleased. First of all, the staff was more friendly than we've ever experienced before when the place was Jonathan's or even back in the Stazi Milano days. We had our 4-year-old with us and while she is very well-behaved, they were very accommodating for a family which is great.

                    Our daughter enjoyed the kids' ravioli very much. They didn't mention this on the menu, but it was spinach ravioli. Fortunately our daughter loves spinach and was thrilled that her ravioli was green, but I could see where this might pose a problem for many kids. They should advise parents that this is not your typical white ravioli.

                    We had the garlic sausage with broccoli rabe and white bean appetizer to start. The sausage was terrific, as was the broccoli rabe. The white beans were a little crunchier than I like them, and the broth over all didn't have much flavor all by itself - it felt like it could have used more butter or salt. But the sausage was so good we really weren't fussed by anything else.

                    My husband had chicken marsala with mashed potatoes. The portion size was perfect - enough to eat without feeling over full. I had a bite and the marsala gravy was very flavorful.

                    I had a absolutely amazing dish: ricotta cavatelli with chickpeas in a bolognese sauce. Someone (perhaps the owner? He wasn't dressed like the servers) approached our table and asked if we had any questions when we were perusing the menu, and I asked him what ricotta cavatelli were. He explained that, just as you can make gnocchi with potato, you can make cavatelli with ricotta. So I went for the dish and it was wonderful. The pasta had a lovely creamy texture to it (courtesy of the ricotta, I guess), the chickpeas were also cooked perfectly to a nearly creamy consistency, and the bolognese sauce tied it all together beautifully.

                    I have heard through the grapevine that they are struggling a bit due to the economy and perhaps some diners' experiences early on with undercooked meat and fish. I can't speak to that problem, but they definitely know how to do pasta and I really hope they succeed so I can return for my new favorite pasta dish. :)

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                      Thanks for posting this. We have been contemplating a visit.

                  2. "Vintage" on York Rd and Susquehanna in Jenk/Abington (right next to Abing Hosp). The food is much better than both KBar or Drake bar. Sandwiches are all less than than 10 bucks- come with chips or fries and coleslaw...The Prime rib sand is great, burgers great, and best of all their tuna or crabcake sandwiches...Really delicious platters and appetizers too. I love this place. It does however get loud and crowded after 6.

                    1. 2 recs:

                      Mirna's on Old York Road in Jenkintown. Really, really good pasta (tomato sauce is top-notch there) and lots of well-executed Middle Eastern food. Lovely setting, moderately priced. Very small. Reservations are a good idea for weekend nights.

                      Under the Oak Cafe in Oak Lane. Fabulous food made by really nice people, but only open for breakfast and lunch, I think. Very affordable.

                      1. Another plug for Athena in Glenside; they make a great Greek style (lemon, oregano, olive oil) grilled whole fish that changes with the season.

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