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Oct 16, 2003 08:28 PM

Great Pizza on Main Line?

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Is there any great pizza to be had on main line? Marrone's in Ardmore is good... but any other suggestions?

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  1. Pie in the sky in Wayne does a good job.

    1. Bertucci's in Wayne is very good.

      Yes, I know it's a chain...

      1. Peace A Pizza in KOP, Wayne, Rosemont, and Ardmore has great, interesting pies and slices.

        1. Dakota Pizza in Wynnewood, near Whole Foods market, has delicious pizza by the slice or pie. Also good soups and salads.

          1. I'm not a pizza fan but when I get it, I get it from Ardmore Pizza on Rittenhouse. Also, Carlino's, in Ardmore sells pizza. I have never had the pizza but their homemade pasta sauces (esp. the hot sausage) and soups are fantastic. And they have the best homemade sliced roast turkey I have ever had.

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              I can vouch for Carlino's pizza; the Four Seasons pizza is delectable.