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Great Pizza on Main Line?

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Is there any great pizza to be had on main line? Marrone's in Ardmore is good... but any other suggestions?

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  1. Pie in the sky in Wayne does a good job.

    1. Bertucci's in Wayne is very good.

      Yes, I know it's a chain...

      1. Peace A Pizza in KOP, Wayne, Rosemont, and Ardmore has great, interesting pies and slices.

        1. Dakota Pizza in Wynnewood, near Whole Foods market, has delicious pizza by the slice or pie. Also good soups and salads.

          1. I'm not a pizza fan but when I get it, I get it from Ardmore Pizza on Rittenhouse. Also, Carlino's, in Ardmore sells pizza. I have never had the pizza but their homemade pasta sauces (esp. the hot sausage) and soups are fantastic. And they have the best homemade sliced roast turkey I have ever had.

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              I can vouch for Carlino's pizza; the Four Seasons pizza is delectable.

            2. Italian Delight on Montgomery Ave. in Narberth is the closest to NYC pizza around here. Thin crust very flavorful.

              Sun Valley Pizza in Narberth on Montgomery Ave is excellent too

              1. Hello, Peace a pizza in Ardmore is the best!@!! Hands down.

                1. Peace a Pizza in Ardmore makes perhaps the worst pizza I've ever had. I just ate it tonight for the first time, having heard so much about it. The crust in particular was horrid. Neither crisp nor chewy, it is instead goddawful bland and doughy. They attempt to give it some interest by putting dried herbs into it. I know this sounds crazy, but my husband and I both detected a hint of cinnamon . . . is that possible?! Yuk! Regardless, the dough/crust is just so bad that I am amazed they are selling pizzas at all, let alone that this joint has been successful. Kinda says something about the Main Line.

                  I will, however, try Ardmore Pizza and Carlino's and maybe Italian Delight on the recommendations here. Have also tried Dakota and was not terribly impressed, although I'd take it over that doughy crap they are serving down the street any day!

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                    I'd encourage you to give Peace a Pizza another shot, at either a different location, (I believe that Rosemont was their flagship store and it is my favorite location), or on a different night. Yes, it's inexcusable for a place to have a bad product, regardless of night of the week, staff working, location, etc. However, it sounds like either you have a completely different taste in pizza than many other people in the area (which is completely reasonable and fair) or the place was having an off night. Peace a Pizza isn't the Le Bec Fin of pizza, nor is it claiming to be. However, it is one of the few places in the area that has a wide enough variety of slices of pizza to satisfy a family or couple who don't want to compromise by sharing one flavor. I've been able to go there and get some Macaroni and Cheese Pizza while my dining partner is eating the Buffalo Chicken style pizza. Anyway, before you commit in to your memory as the worst pizza you've ever had, I'd strongly encourage you to give it one more whirl. Just as Craig LaBan tries restaurants multiple times before reviewing them, I think there is merit in doing the same when one is dining for personal reasons too! Thanks.

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                      Have definitely tasted cinnamon in the crust ... more of an oddity than a deal maker/breaker. Like so many other small chains, their quality and standards started out very high but has declined over the years as they grew more popular. When they first opened, the slices were always fresh, and they cut 8 slices to a pie. Now, they sell old looking slices instead of discarding them. I've seen them cut 10 pieces to the pie, or cut them unevenly so as to wind up with a few runt slices that they still try to sell to some sucker.

                  2. I'd have to agree with michellep about Peace O Pizza. My son likes it, so we've had it several times. For me, some of the worst crust I've ever eaten. And they definitely put something sweet into the dough, which I find particularly appalling. We've tried only the Ardmore location, but nothing I've had there makes me want to try out one of their other spots.

                    No one's mentioned Felicia's in Ardmore - they make a pretty good pie in their wood-burning ovens.

                    1. Bella Italia in Ardmore is a little greasy, but we like it, they are from Sicily. Also, Felicia's in Ardmore does Brick oven pizza. Pizza Palace in Bryn Mawr for Greek style pizza.

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                        Agreed. Bella Italia is by far the best pizza on the Main Line. O, by the way....Hi mom. :)

                      2. i have to say that I have never found really good pizza out here in all my years living on the main line. Peace A Pizza is only Ok if you order a while pie. Felicia's to my mind is a disappointment. All the other places mentioned are ok but not great. The only pizza I like is at Lorenzo's at 3rd and South.

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                          We get REAL PIZZA in Wayne delivered at least once a week.
                          ('scuse me, I have to make the phone call)...

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                            I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been living on the Mainline for 12 years now and I’m pretty much convinced you can’t get good pizza west of the Schuylkill River. I’m sure it’s just because the style of pizza out here is not what I grew up with. I grew up in Yardley, PA which is directly across the Delaware River from Trenton, NJ. In that area you get what would be known as a Trenton (more like New York) style pizza. That is pizza with very thin and crispy crust, tart tomato sauce and shredded mozzarella.

                            I’m not quite sure what most of the places out this way are trying to make when it comes to pizza. The basic model out here seems to be a chewy, doughy, deep dish pie lacking the additional layer that would make it look like a Chicago style pie.

                            Basically, I gave up trying to get pizza out here. I’ll just hit Philly, Bucks Co, or NJ if I want the good stuff.

                          2. To address your Marrone's question they are currently dead last in the Delaware Valley per a pizza contest on radio station 610 WIP AM Philadelphia. Per the station website:
                            "Marrone’s sauce was thin and runny, something that seemed to be from the generic section of your local Acme. The cheese hardened after minutes to something the consistency of Bernie Parent’s 1974 goalie mask. And the crust reminded us of Passover Matzoh – only drier."
                            Also, there are no other mentions of pizza places (good or bad) in the contest so far that are from the Main Line. The closest is Cenzo's, 1619 Darby Road, Havertown which got positive reviews. So the Main Line seems to be a pizza black hole (at least with regard to this contest).

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                              We really like Vic & Dean's in Wayne. Good crust, very nice ingredients, cheese not overwhelming.


                            2. The final results are in for the 610WIP Pizza Palooza contest. The top 6 Philly-metro pizzas are:
                              1) Tacconelli’s, Port Richmond
                              2) DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pie (Hudson Street), Trenton
                              3) Marra’s, South Philly
                              4) Celebre’s, South Philly
                              5) Lazaro’s, South Philly
                              6) Franzone’s, Bridgeport

                              Bridgeport is sort of close to the Main Line right?

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                                Franzones in Bridgeport is really good, but only if you like that kind- sauce is sweet and much of it compared to the swirl of cheese.

                              2. Bertucci's is overpriced and not good, Pie in the Sky is bland as all hell, bravo pizza on N Wayne Ave in Wayne is ok..I'd rather get a 4.99 pie from Genardi's then have of the former....Peace of Pizza is consistent and depending on the pizza hit or miss...Cenzo's in Havertown and Carlino's are probably the best in the area....Dakota's pizza isn't great, but their cheesesteaks are first rate, some of the best out side the city....Main liners might also want to drive to Overbrook for Overbrook Pizza or Upper Darby for Pica's whch is pricey at 14 bucks a pie, but so worth it and addictive

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                                  I second the motion for Genuardi's on the weekend when the price is reduced to that cited by ECWM. My wife and I order one with just extra 'sauce', and add our own toppings at home. Our South Philly son-in-law, however, makes the best pizza we've had since moving to the Mid-Atlantic States. The original Chicago thin crust without the rolled edge from the 1950's when I was in high school was the best pizza. Those were the times before corporate pizza parlors.

                                2. Try Sun Valley Pizza in Narbeth on Montgomery Ave. A bit unconventional at times but still good.

                                  1. We enjoy the Quattro Stagioni pizza at Primavera, a restaurant in the old bank building on Lancaster in Ardmore. Thin crust. After eating a whole pizza you don't feel like you have a lead weight in your stomach.

                                    1. I'm a big fan of Poppi's Pizza, which opened recently in Wynnewood. I'm not normally a fan of thin-crust pizzas, but theirs is quite tasty, and their gourmet toppings are a treat. For example, they put artichoke hearts on their Margherita pizza. As a rabid artichoke fan, this immediately earned them my undying love.

                                      I also recommend Felicia's, Dakota (mmm, clam pizza), Primavera, and Pacilio's (I think that's the place; back by Bryn Mawr Hospital). I personally like Peace A Pizza's white pizzas, but I can definitely see how they wouldn't be to everyone's taste.

                                      1. I wish it would let me rate this as 0 stars instead of having to give it one.

                                        The Pizza was alright I guess, very "chuck e cheese" but it was also not what I ordered at all. I had ordered a large cheese and got a small veggie supreme. The wait on my delivery was 104 minutes, when the advertised delivery time to my neighborhood was quoted at 30-40 minutes. When I called after 80 minutes to make sure the guy wasn't lost, I was barked at and told to be patient by one of their employees. When I called back again to tell them they had delivered the incorrect pizza I was verbally assaulted via phone, including a number of racial and curse words and told to order elsewhere if I couldn't be happy with what I got. Rest assured, I will.

                                        Ardmore Style Pizza
                                        10 Rittenhouse Pl, Ardmore, PA 19003