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Oct 15, 2003 06:48 PM

Knave of Hearts Closed?

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I walked past the Knave of Hearts on the 200 block of South Street and noticed that it is boarded up and the interior is being gutted. Since they renovated less than a year ago, I assume that they are not doing so again. Are they out of business? If so, what's going in there?

While I ate there only once several years ago, it's sad to see one of the last places from Philadelphia's 1970's restaurant renaissance close.

On that topic, what's your favorite restaurant (open or closed) from that era? Mine would probably be the old Frog or Wild Flowers.

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  1. I loved Frog at both its locations. I liked the Spaghetti Factory on South Street. Not in center city but certainly of that era is The Blue Moon in Chestnut Hill which I really miss. I'm sorry that The Knave of Hearts is closing. I liked both their restaurant and their cozy bar.

    1. Sorry to hear that KoH closed. I will miss their berry soup.. it was a relic of the 70's cuisine! Of that same era, has anyone been to Astral Plane lately? Last time I was there was about two years ago... such a romantic atmosphere but a really dated concept.

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        We went to the Astral Plane for brunch in early spring. Food was only average and they were out of OJ, it is Sunday brunch for pete's sake. Also, we found the service to be severely lacking. We were the only ones waiting for seats and 2 servers walked by 3 or 4 times before they said anything.

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        Howard Roberts

        A sign has now been posted on the outside of the restaurant stating that they are undergoing a major renovation and that they will reopen in mid-December with an American and Japanese menu.

        1. Another good restaurant from that era was City Bites. Also run by Steve Poses. It was super cool because it had a lot of original art there - statues, paintings and a Kostabi mural.