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Sep 11, 2003 12:55 PM

Vietnamese in Harrisburg

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For the dozen of you in Harrisburg who care about good food, the Vietnamese place on 29th Street, Pho Pasteur is excellent. They have a large menu, a dozen great sandwiches (like Banh Mi) good soups(like Pho) and a bakery.

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  1. Just wanted to reply that this is a fabulous restuarant, great food and good prices!

    1. I see there hasn't been a post to this thread in over two years. I moved to Harrisburg a year ago and I have to say I'm not surprised at the lack of's hard work finding good food in this town, and Vietnamese is one of the hardest!

      Pho Pasteur, mentioned in this thread, closed a few weeks ago and burned down not long afterward. Pho Vietnam, the ONLY place I've found banh mi, got closed down by the health department last month!

      That leaves two places that I know of -- Garden Vietnamese at 3rd & Reilly, which is decent but nothing special, and the place in the Broad Street Market which has good pho.

      Any other places, especially ones that sell banh mi, would be greatly appreciated. I guess I got really spoiled living in the Bay Area for so long!