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Dec 13, 2001 11:42 AM

Where can I buy SWEET paprika?

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I have a couple of recipes that call for this and have not been able to find it anywhere...Help!!!

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    randy salenfriend

    Try Haig's- Clement and 8th.

    1. Artisan Cheese on California and Filmore have two great Paprikas one hot and one sweet (and smokey)

      1. YUM. The store. Next to Carta on Market near Valencia.

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          wobbling knees

          My absolute favorite place for spices of any kind is Rainbow Grocery at Folsom & Division. They sell their spices in bulk and have great turnover, so they tend to be very fresh. Plus you get to buy only as much as you need. (Three juniper berries for that brine you wanted to try.) Where possible, they provide commercially AND organically grown spices. Another of the beauties of buying in bulk is a significant price difference. Replacing a small jar of ground nutmeg at Safeway can cost you over $6.00. Refilling the same jar at Rainbow cost me 29 cents.

          They're great for all kinds of other foods, too, many of them in bulk. About the only things you can't find there are fish, poultry and meat. Check 'em out.

          1. What kinds of recipes are calling for sweet paprika? My mom gave me some and I have no idea what to do with it?

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              Chicken paprikash. Goulash.