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Dec 13, 2001 10:18 AM


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where do i go in san francisco for grilled sea scallops

.. the big fat ones!

thx for your response


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  1. Last Friday night a group of us went to Moose's for dinner and while I didn't order it, somebody else in our company did order the scallop/risotto entree. It was a grilled porcini mushroom risotto topped with 3 or 4 large seared scallops. It looked really good.

    I ordered the grilled squab stuffed with chestnut stuffing. I subsituted the pork chop entree's sides to go with my squab, and it was a good idea. I had grilled butternut squash and pureed sweet potatoe as the sides. While the squab was done well, it was the sides that really stood out for me. Perfectly carmalized squash, with a hint of honey and sweetness, paired with a smooth sweet potato puree made this carbohydrate junkie very happy!

    1. The current preparation on the lunch menu at Julia's Kitchen at COPIA in downtown Napa is exquisite. I was there again last week and recommended it to my friend. She practically lapped up the plate!

      Here's link to my post.


      1. The scallops I ordered at Zax in North Beach were the best I've had in the city to this day (the dish was about $15.00).
        Then again, I'd like to add a disclaimer by noting that scallops are not a dish I order with frequency. Has anybody else had them there?
        - Nancy

        1. You should be aware that often the factor to be considered with scallops is their freshness. A great cook cannot make a commercially frozen scallop taste like a fresh one. Fresh scallops are expensive and frozen are convenient. There is really no way to know what you are getting, except the honesty of the owner.