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Aug 23, 2003 02:29 PM

Korean food in Allentown?

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Does anyone know of a Korean place in the Lehigh Valley? Or anyplace closer than Philly? Please! I miss my Korean food!

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  1. I've lived in the valley for 7 years and haven't seen a korean place yet. There's a decent vietnamese place on union blvd. (Pho Vung Tao) and an okay Thai place in Bethlehem (Thai kitchen). Also, Jimmy Ho's place on rt. 222 is pretty good for Chinese, especially if you order off menu items (special duck, pea shoots, etc.) Let me know if you come across any Korean joints.


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      I would even settle for a 100 mile radius (from Allentown) for Korean Barbeque (Kahl Bi.) Anyone know of anyplace? Thanks!

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        Brian Yarvin

        Two New Jersey communities; Edison and Ridgefield Park, have large Korean communities and fit nicely in that 100 mile circle.

        I believe that the best Korean shopping/dining spot in that circle is:

        Han Ah Reum Korean Supermarket
        321 Broad Avenue
        Ridgefield , New Jersey
        (201) 943-9600

        For Korean food fans, this is easily worth the drive from Allentown, especially on a Sunday afternoon when the place is buzzing and the food court is in full swing.

        Park in the lot and walk! There are three or four very good Korean restaurants within a five minute walk of the place if the food court isn't enough.

        Edison is about 25 miles closer and has four or five good Korean restaurants and a nice market. But if you're out for a Sunday drive and looking for the real Korean thing - Ridgefield's the place.

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          I just printed out your post - many thanks for the reply and we will be sure to visit! Gee - we were just at Metropark, too! :)

          Best, Pam

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            Brian Yarvin

            Please keep us posted! (but move over to the Tristate Reigon Board)

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          There is a Korean BBQ place in Lansdale, approx 45 miles from LV. The restaurant is next to a large Korean market called Assi. I have not had the chance to eat here specifically but have heard good things from Korean acquantances.
          Korean BBQ
          1222 Welsh Road, North Wales, PA 19454-2054
          (215) 412-4200‎

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            And one stop further down the PA Turnpike in Blue Bell you have two places. Korea Garden and Gaya. The latter is larger and has a better selection of grill items. Each restaurant has a web site.


            A note on the Lansdale restaurant mentioned above. It is in the so called "Assi Plaza", a shopping center anchored by Assi, a terrific asian supermarket, that also has a small food court itself. In the same plaza, there is the Korean BBQ place "Koko" as well as a chinese restaurant run by the same folks that own Lai-lai. Assi Plaza is about 10-15 minutes from the Lansdale exit of the PA Turnpike.

            Korea Garden & Restaurant
            732 Dekalb Pike, Blue Bell, PA 19422

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          Assi market in Lansdale, Pa has a Korean restaurant in the mall and also has a huge Korean grocery store as well! check it out!!

        4. The owners of A1 Steak house and the Hibachi Grill In Allentown are both Korean and you may be able to request some Korean catering, but it's not on the menu.
          The closest one I found is unfortunately in Philly (lil korea)
          Seora Bol 5734 old 2nd St. Phila, PA 19120
          YES, Please someone open a "good" korean rest. in the LV.

          1. In Center Valley, Kim's Kitchen! Best Korean food I have EVER had. It's BYO, but AMAZING.