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Dec 12, 2001 10:47 PM

Restaurant Tanuki and sushi counters

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Went to this place near 6th and California a few nights ago on the advice of a friend. The only previous mention on Chowhound was pretty harsh, but I went anyway.

Turns out Tanuki serves both Americanized sushi rolls (rolls stuffed with all kinds of stuff) and very traditional sushi also. I wasn't that hungry so didn't get to try too much, but the negitoro maki I had was nice and buttery. Their cooked foods menu is extensive -- I tried salmon croquettes and liked them very much, not too heavy, good salmon flavor. In a nice change of pace, they served the amaebi heads in miso soup instead of frying them. That gave the soup a deep seafood flavor.

The previous posting on Tanuki said something about no soy sauce on the tables. If that was true, it's not any more.

BTW, sharing the counter with me (totally coincidentally) was none other than Mr. Kuriyama, the Japanese carpenter I met at Aya who says he's built almost every sushi counter in San Francisco. Tekka? "Yeah, built that." Kabuto? "Yeah." Hamako? "Built it." The counter at Tanuki is whiter than the usual blond wood, and the craftsman seemed proud of his work.

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  1. What is it with all those sushi places near 6th and Cal? There's 3 now at that relatively quiet intersection. How can they posibbly survive? Don't these people do their research before opening a restaurant?