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Aug 8, 2003 01:07 PM

Gettysburg -- read carefully

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We recently visited Gettysburg, and used Chowhound to help plan our meals. Here are two items for you to consider:

The best food was dinner at Dobbin's Inn downtown. Great roast duckling, good "house-special" crab dish. Very generous portions. Reasonable prices by NY/CT standards (about $21 per entree, including salad and excellent bread). We also tried their Dobbins Tavern for a casual lunch...not nearly as good.

The worst (an all-time low) was the following:
Based on two recommendations I found on Chowhound, my wife and I drove 5 miles north of Gettysburg to try the Disselfink. It was, without doubt, the worst food we have ever "eaten" in the US.

The proprietor recommended the bbq pork sandwich. It came cold, with a slice of cold American cheese on top. I asked for it to be warmed. Even then, it was disgusting. One bite, one spit-out, and the rest went right into the garbage.

The special Disselfink burger was like a leftover McDonalds. The softserve icecream was just plain vanilla with a squirt of whatever highly colored "flavor" syrup you requested.

We heard later from townsfolk that the Disselfink used to be a good bakery. But the place was sold and only idiots (like us) eat there anymore.

I hope this saves others from being misled by some Chowhound postings.

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    Distelfink? As a Gbg resident I wouldn't eat there,ever! Also decent eateries are: Farnsworth House=very comparable to Dobbin Hs., Herr's Ridge Tavern and best buffet(American) is Gen. Pickets' Buffet for good catfish.

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      Distlefink used to be good..........when Sandoe's ran it back in the 60's!!!! Now, it's freakin' awful. Farnsworth House..........OVERRATED....Dobbin and Herr's pretty good....Ernie's of course for hot dogs and fries with gravy....Dino's and Tommy's good subs....

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