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west chester PA recs?

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i'm looking for restaurant recommendations in west chester for dinner... i'm not interested in fine dining, but not super casual either, with mid-range prices. seafood, asian or mexican fit the bill. anything you'd suggest?



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  1. My new favorite place in W.C. is Avalon, on High St. Great food, very creative but reasonable, and they have a drop-dead gorgeous backyard patio for outdoor dining.

    1. i love trattoria alberto- italian and very yummy!

      1. Spence's is always reliably good and has a nice atmosphere.

        1. Avalon is wonderful. Great food AND great service. Cusine is modern Italian.

          1. Kooma is good sushi/asian

            1. This post is verrrrry old! Spence Cafe vanished long ago and Avalon has sprung back to life as a BYO Italian.

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                what? I don't think Spence was ever gone. Though they may have recently changed chefs.

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                  Okay... then what's the place I'm thinking of that was on High Street where Doc McGrogan's (?) is now? Never mind -- I just remembered -- it was Turk's Head!!! Sorry!!!!!!!

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                  Spence Cafe is open and the owners have since opened another restaurant that's different than Spence called Butterfish