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Jul 16, 2003 11:30 PM

Kundla's BBQ in Hamlin

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I've been going to this place for a few years, but never posted about it before. Kundla's Western Beef Co. operates in the middle of Hamlin on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The main items are ribs and chicken, cooked on a huge charcoal pit--the pit is an approx. 30 ft. long brick construction.

Ribs and chicken are both succulent, tender and moist. They have their own dry rubs, cooking and finishing sauces, which you can buy in their retail meat store next to the outdoor BBQ. The taste is addictive, the sauce is unlike any other I've tasted. I'd love to compare notes on the sauce if anyone else has tried it.

They also have good to great corn on the cob, I think they go to great effort to find good corn both in and out of season.

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  1. Where is Hamlin?

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      Hamlin is off of I-84, east of Scranton.

    2. Kundla's is the best bbq place I've been to outside of Memphis. The beef ribs make you feel like you're Fred Flinstone, they're so big and meaty! Never ever been dissatisfied with any of the food. My kids love "hosing off" in the back after a good meal! And of course, let's not forget the root beer!

      I love the sauce. Very different from other bbqs. We buy it the week before Columbus day and eat them all winter. My grill (gas) is the first place we shovel to when it snows!


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        I assume from the red color that the sauce is tomato-based, but the flavor is not at all tomato-y. I get a slightly sweetish, grape juice/wine flavor that's unlike any other sauce. The herbs/spices are beyond my ability to discern, but the overall flavor is wonderfully unique.

        I've never gotten the beef ribs, the pork ribs are so good that I always get them in the combo (half-rack and a half chicken). Of course I get lots of extra sauce, and an ear or two of corn.

      2. Ate there for the first time this past weekend. Food was exellent! Two of us shared 1/2 rack of baby back ribs and 1/2 Chicken...definitely enough for 2 people. added fries, corn on the cob, baked beans (we really wanted to sample everything...especially as we watched them hand peel and cook the fries). added citris ice tea and the total bill for 2 came to about $21.00 and they have a no tipping policy. Truly a DELICIOUS bargain. would highly recommend to anyone who finds themselves in the area. One note - it's BYOB. The beer distributed next door is only allowed (by PA law) to sell by the case, no singles and supermarkets (there's one across the street) in PA do not sell beer. was told you could buy singles at JOHN's Italian restaurant down the road.

        1. I live in CT, but I was born in PA and spent all summers by Lake Wallenpaupack and have visited Kundlas BBQ many times! my opinion is the ABSOLUTE best BBQ around!!! CT needs a place like Kundlas desparately!!! We have a place only 2 minutes from us that claims to have the best BBQ, and all I have to say is...either the people around here never actually tasted a good BBQ or they have to be insane! I have tries TWICE...the proclaimed , out of this world BBQ in OUR area whwere we live now and if there were a Kundlas across the road...these people would finally realize what they have actually been missing!!! Many of this states supposed excellent foods...has alot to be desired!!...HOWEVER, I have not had the opportunity to try the more outrageously expensive they may have better fare...but you,ll pay through the nose for it! I actually order on ice a few foods from PA for holidays because I cannot find comparable foods up here in CT! Foods they claimed to be good...some ...I have actually found disgusting! Miss PA,s food...THEY know how to put a good meal out...and reasonably!

          Lake Wallenpaupack Cafe & Restaurant
          2192 Route 6, Hawley, PA 18428

          1. Kundla's is an American tradition. I live in New York and I travel 3 hours just to eat their ribs. My personal favorite is buying the ribs at Kundla's and bringing them home to let bbq pitmaster Trevor slow-cook them. Then we add the fries, coleslaw, bread, and corn on the cob...there's nothing better. You've never had ribs unless you've had them cooked by Trevor.