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Dec 10, 2001 05:57 PM

sushi without breaking the bank

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With the demise of Nikko Fish, does anyone know where in San Francisco we can buy sushi quality fish (to eat at home) without bankrupting ourselves?

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  1. Yum Yum Fish on Irving and - 24th? 23rd? Right around there. Someone will come along and know better than I, most likely - but I think that Yum Yum has a connection to the late Nikko.

    I often buy fish to cook (esp. for seared tuna and rare salmon dishes) - I have not created sushi at home from their fish. I've eaten the sushi they make their - while not transcendent, totally solid, fine, tasty and good value for the price. I know many do get fish for home sushi making there. That's where I'd go.

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    1. re: Jill D.

      Go to Ranch 99 supermarket in Daly City.

      They don't have live fish, but they sell fish for self-made (marinated and plain) and you can make sushi at home.

      Go to Japanese grocery market directly across from the bowling place in Japantown. They sell fish for self-made sushi.

      1. re: chowguy

        You are talking about maruwa, and i was going to suggest it, but i wasn't sure if people would think that it was a joke or not. They sell small slabs already prepackaged and priced, but i have bought sake, shiro maguro, unagi (previously frozen) and tobiko (fresh) from them and it has always been delicious. They are also one of the few places in town that sells green shiso, rather than purple. (i personally think that purple is too peppery, so it is nice that they have the green available.) the prices are reasonable and the sushi i have made with their fish has always been quite fresh and delicious.

      2. re: Jill D.

        I definitely agree with this recommendation. Extremely fresh and extremely YUMmy. Get platters of sushi for less than (or around) $30. I would take it to go, though. Their place is very small. Oh, and the exact address is 2181 Irving.

        1. re: Jill D.

          Yep, Yum Yum's is the place to go. The owners are the same people who owned Nikos - but unfortunately they won't take your stock of Niko's coupons ;)

          I moved to the Inner Sunset in September & have made sushi at home at least once or twice a month since, always with fish from Yum Yum. Oh, and the great advantage is that they're surrounded by Asian food stores, so you can get all the trimmings for MUCH cheaper than you can find 'em anywhere else - including kewpie mayonaise & the right kind of hot sauce for spicy tuna!

        2. This is a long shot...but Costco has great ahi once in a while. Runs around 7-8 per lb. Fresh and very good grade. Not the kind of blocks you get at the high end places, but what the hell?