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Dec 9, 2001 04:53 PM

Japanese Lunchboxes in Berkeley, CA?

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Dearest Chowhounds: About 8 yrs ago we believe we read about a place in Berkeley specializing in Japanese lunchboxes (maybe takeout only; maybe west Berkeley near the freeway). Having returned from Asia, we now cannot find any reference to it. Does anyone know of such a place? Best regards, mike, na & lan.

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  1. I think you might be refering to Ochame - they moved quite a few years ago, now located on Fourth St., about a half a block north of the "new" Spengers, in the Fourth St. "shopping area." Many nice stores and a few restaurants.

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      Shepherd B. Goode

      Yeah, O-chame is on Fourth, north of Hearst, west side of the street. It's easy to miss; so park in the lot behind the Fourth Street shops, and stroll the block. Haven't eaten there myself since they were up on Gilman, where Jimmy Bean's is now. I recall it as an elevating but not nourishing experience.